Originally created for transportation, giant unattractive shipping containers are being transformed into sleek, trendy buildings.

With so many innovative shipping container ideas popping up, the humble container has been dubbed as the eco-friendly “Lego brick” of the 21st century!

Check out these next 10 cool shipping container modifications that’ll blow your mind.

1. Teaching Innovative Minds

Schools that are looking for eco-friendly building solutions and schools in poorer parts of the world have been using containers as inexpensive classrooms.

Who knew that innovative containers could support the next generation of brilliant minds?

2. Build Bridges

Oblong shipping containers laid end to end are just the right dimensions for building a bridge. The sturdy materials, perfect shape, and handy size make them an eco-friendly alternative to a bridge built with traditional materials.

3. In Case of Emergency

Another amazing idea for converted shipping containers is to build a stationary ambulance or emergency hospital.

Because the converted shipping containers are moveable, they can be deployed anywhere in the world with the clinic already assembled inside. This means that life-saving clinics can pop up anywhere and be fully operational within days.

4. Sports and Leisure

One of the coolest shipping container uses is to utilize them for sports and leisure. Cost efficient gyms and fitness centers built from shipping containers have been popping up around the world.

The rectangular shape of a shipping container is also the perfect shape for a swimming pool. No digging, planning permission or major work is required. Just have the pool dropped into place and dive right in!

5. Jolly Holidays

Time for a vacay? Why not opt for a cargo container hotel or vacation home? Inexpensive, yet elegant, shipping containers as vacation homes are a fashionable trend up and coming in the tourism field.

Instead of a permanent fix, others have repurposed and converted shipping containers into a luxury camper van. Looks like it’s time for a road trip!

6. Shopping Spree

Malls, outlets, stores, cafes, and bistros have all jumped on the shipping container bandwagon. Some have set up glamorous permanent stores, whereas others have trendy mobile stores that can be set up almost anywhere.

7. Park it Up

Repurposed containers are also being used as garages or car parks. The huge steel boxes can make a secure cozy bedroom for your precious vehicle.

8. Alternative Workspaces

Many businesses have jumped on the trend of using converted shipping containers as an alternative workspace. With office spaces becoming more cramped, many businesses are adding shipping containers to solve the problem of space restraints.

Many who work from home have built an office to give them some work-related privacy too.

9. Unique Homes

Cargo containers can be used to build large spacious homes. Many homeowners who prefer an eco-friendly home have caught onto this green trend.

It’s not only stylish trendsetters who like housing shipping container ideas. In Amsterdam, they built economic student housing with containers!

10. When Disaster Strikes

When disaster strikes, many are left without suitable accommodation for a considerable amount of time. For people displaced from their homes, converted shipping containers are an amazing choice for temporary shelter houses.

Shipping Container Modifications

It’s clear to see that there are some amazing shipping container modifications out there. But if you have some unique ideas of your own and you can’t “contain” yourself, you’ve come to the right place. Here at EMS, we can turn your wild ideas into reality!

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