Using shipping containers as a base material for construction is one of the most notable acts of reusing ever attempted in modern times. After all, these huge and hefty metal boxes have no place in landfills. Finding other uses for shipping containers apart from storing goods for trade has not just revolutionized architecture, but it also further kindled man’s interest in sustainable living. It has reopened discussions on energy conservation as well as environmental protection.

Turning Shipping Containers into the Functional office that You Want


Here are some of the best examples of prominent structures around the world that are made of shipping containers:

  • Downtown Container Park in Las Vegas. This is a 19,000 square feet open-air shopping center located in downtown Las Vegas. It is made from a mix of shipping containers and multifunctional modular cubes forming the area’s main perimeter. Within it is an assortment of small boutiques, galleries, bars, eateries and outdoor spaces as well as entertainment and education programming facilities.
  • Cove Park in Scotland. Located on the country’s west coast, in 50 acres of spectacular countryside, this structure provides a peaceful yet invigorating sanctuary for established artists trying to stimulate their imagination. Made mainly from shipping containers, it offers an ambiance that is both natural and modern.
  • Student Housing in Amsterdam. The government of Amsterdam found a way to help students secure housing in the city’s tight real estate market. They ordered the construction of what is regarded as the biggest container city on the planet—the massive Keetwonen complex. This building houses over 1000 students.
  • Riverside Building in London. London is one of the pioneers of modular building construction, and it has a list of projects involving the repurposing of shipping containers since its construction of the famous Container City and Container City 2. One in particular is the Riverside Building, with hosts 22 offices in modular design. Believe it or not, this building was constructed in only 8 days.


You may think that shipping containers are only for large government-run projects like those mentioned above. In truth, anyone can repurpose shipping containers into the kind of building they want so long as they secure the necessary permits. After all, there are no laws restricting anyone from being innovative and conservative, especially when it comes to constructing their living and business places. Here are some of the structures you can build with shipping containers.

Home. Building your home using shipping containers is perhaps your least expensive option. Having a rectangular solid shape, these boxes are very easy to cut and arrange to make the basic rooms and amenities of a house. You can install windows and doors anywhere you want, as every side of a container is easy to cut. Add insulation and HVAC and your home will be ready for occupancy in no more than a couple of weeks.

Office. One of the initial steps to owning a successful business is to have an office where you and at least some of your key employees can work and meet independently. Depending on the number of people expected to occupy your shipping container office, you can use a single or many shipping containers during construction. A unit is already big enough to accommodate a few people plus all the necessary furniture and fixtures.

Carport. Have you been parking some of your vehicles outside because you don’t have enough space in your garage? Well, you can either expand your garage or build a separate carport using shipping containers. With their sheer size, you can conveniently fit your sedan in a shipping container to protect it from the elements.

It’s amazing how many types of structure you can repurpose with such huge items as shipping containers. With the help of a reputable supplier like Equipment Management Services, you can obtain the highest quality units that can add flare to your project. Make sure to contact them as soon as you make up your mind about building with shipping containers. They can even modify the container themselves before you truck it from their lot.



45 Amazing Homes and Offices Built from Shipping Containers,