If you are planning to repurpose a shipping container into a home addition or an office, you will most likely make some changes to its structure. Did you know that you can get some of the modification tasks out of the way right where you purchased the unit? Trusted shipping container suppliers, such as Equipment Management Services, perform shipping container modifications to meet the special needs of some buyers. Here are some of the modifications they can make for you.

Shipping Container Suppliers Can Modify Your Units to Meet Your Needs


Entry Doors

Depending on what you are repurposing the shipping container into, you can ask the supplier to install the kind of door you need before they deliver it to your property. This way, you’ll only have to worry about the rest of the modifications needed. Besides the doors may already come in handy when you start working on the container’s interior. There are several types of door your supplier can pre-install on the container for you, including a roll-up door and a personnel door.



Your supplier will also be more than willing to install skylights on your container prior to delivery. These are windows literally mounted on the container’s roof. They can serve as passage for sunlight during the day to provide natural lighting, which can help reduce your power consumption. The skylights are designed to be tightly sealed to prevent rainwater from leaking into the container during a bad weather.



Unless you are planning to turn your shipping container into an open patio or shed, it has to have an HVAC system of its own to regulate the temperature of its interior. Otherwise, it would be unbearably hot and damp inside, which will not only affect your health but would also be detrimental to whatever equipment you’ll place inside. You can ask your supplier to carry out the necessary modification for you.



A shipping container is made up of metal walls and roof. Metals are efficient conductor of heat and electricity. This means your shipping container can turn into a gigantic oven when left under the heat of midday sun. You don’t want to be roasted alive inside, which is why you need your container equipped with proper insulation. Believe it or not, your shipping container supplier can install the insulation it needs.

There are many other kinds of modification that you can request from your shipping container supplier. While modified containers will cost more upfront, it will save you time and effort. Besides, you’ll be doing these modifications anyways so why not have them done by the modification experts at the shipping container supplier itself. After all, if you’re not skilled enough, you might end up ruining the container and spending more on repair.



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