As the current workforce continues to expand, office buildings and other commercial real estate is becoming more and more expensive. Since the demand for space is growing, employers are becoming more innovative with their offices. Back in the day, a modified shipping container office was commonly seen in construction sites. It was a nice place for the contractor to stay as they oversaw the construction process.

Beautifully Designed and Modified Shipping Container Office from EMS

Today, offices made from repurposed shipping containers are popping up everywhere. Here are the best reasons why:

Reason #1: Convenient and Ready to Use

 When a shipping container is modified to be used as an office it arrives at the location ready for use. A trusted supplier in the Houston area can prepare the office space according to the requirements of the client and delivers the containers when done. These are all fully functional and can accommodate employees the moment the doors open. No need for a stressful office set up, it’s convenient and fast!

Reason #2: Quiet and Spacious

 Depending on the size of the Conex box, an office space can be made very spacious. There are boxes as big as 40 feet and as small as 10 feet. Different sizes can also be used to create an expansive office floor. As a part of the modification, the metal boxes can be turned into a soundproof office to eliminate distractions and create a productive and quiet working area.

Reason #3: Affordable Option

 Building a new office or even just expanding the current location is very costly. Many offices do not proceed with expansion although they desperately need to because of the expenses. This hinders productivity and growth. Instead of spending an excessive amount on a new office space, a modified container can be the efficient and affordable solution to expansion or relocation when repurposed the right way.

Reason #4: Unlimited Design and Customization Options

Perhaps the best reason to look into offices made from shipping containers is the freedom to design and customize the working space. Businesses can create the perfect office environment and use the containers as they see fit. From the most detailed of modifications to a small change, everything is possible.

Some commonly requested changes are offices without partitions or excessive modification, a conference room set up, and even a dual office where two different offices are made inside a single shipping container.

Build a Dream Office

There are no limits when it comes to creating an office by repurposing a metal box especially when you work with experts in shipping container modifications like Equipment Management Services based in Houston Texas. Whatever you can dream of, they can build it for you.



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