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What is the difference between new and used containers?


More commonly known as One-Trip containers, they are the newest and nicest shipping containers on the market. They are cleverly named One-Trippers due to their backstory of how they arrived at our depots – they have made one cargo-filled trip from their manufacturing birthplace to their unloading port before reaching their destination of our depot. 


Used Containers have been transporting goods all around the world for years. They can be sold As-Is, Wind and Watertight, or Cargo Worthy. At EMS, we focus on the grade status of Cargo Worthy. Within Cargo Worthy, we offer a premium option based on the overall positive aesthetic of the container.  

Used shipping containers are very durable and designed to be long-lasting. They spend the majority of their life outdoors and withstand all types of weather conditions. If you need a quality, long lasting shipping container but do not want to spend as much as a one-trip container, our used shipping containers will be perfect for you. 

What are the sizes of our containers?

We offer: 10’, 20’, 20’ High Cube (HC), 40’, 40’HC, 45’HC, and 53’HC 

What’s the difference between “High Cube” and “Standard?

Standard sized containers are eight feet, six inches tall (8’6”) 

High Cube containers are nine feet, six inches tall (9’6”) 

How much does a shipping container weigh?

The weight of an empty shipping container will vary by size. 

20’ containers will weigh approximately 5,000 pounds 

40’ standard and high cube containers weigh approximately 8,000 pounds

Where can I go to see our containers in stock?

We have depots located in Houston and Dallas. 

Houston – 6910 S. Lake Houston PkwyHouston, TX 77049 

Dallas – 1022 Malloy Bridge Rd. Ferris, TX 75125 

Why buy from EMS?

As a family-owned and operated company over 50 years of experience from the executive team, EMS not only understands the fast-changing dynamics of the maritime service industry. 

Our mission is to connect people and business to the world of new and used shipping containers while modifying them to creative and unique needs. 

Can I modify my container?

Absolutely! At EMS, we will be your one-stop-shop for modifying your EMS containers to your specific creative and unique needs. We are fully certified to complete any project you may need on any government level. From adding a roll-up door to making a tiny home, we can do it all! 

Do we deliver and how?

Yes, we do deliver. We use a 40’ tilt trailer to deliver and will need approximately 100 feet of straight-away space to place your container on your land. 

Do I need to prepare my land before delivery?

We recommend a flat, level land for the container to be placed on. You can use railroad ties, cement blocks, etc. to help level out the land. Be sure to place the wood, cement, etc. on the corners of the container. 

Our delivery team are experts and will do their best to accommodate your needs. They will let you know what is and isn’t possible and will guide you through the whole experience. 

What is cargo worthy?

Cargo-worthy containers are shipping containers that meet specific structural and safety standards required for the transportation of cargo by sea. These containers are considered suitable for international shipping because they are in good condition and have been inspected and certified to be seaworthy. Here are some key characteristics and criteria for cargo worthy containers:
Structural Integrity     –     Watertight and Weatherproof     –     CSC Certification     –     Door Seals     –    Regular Inspection     –    Secure Door Operation