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New Shipping Containers

More commonly known as One-Trip containers, they are the newest and nicest shipping containers on the market. They are cleverly named One-Trippers due to their backstory of how they arrived at our depots – they have made one cargo-filled trip from their manufacturing birthplace to their unloading port before reaching their destination of our depot.

Used Shipping containers

Used Containers have been transporting goods all around the world for years. They can be sold As-Is, Wind and Watertight, or Cargo Worthy. At EMS, we focus on the grade status of Cargo Worthy. Within Cargo Worthy, we offer a premium option based on the overall positive aesthetic of the container.

Used shipping containers are very durable and designed to be long-lasting. They spend the majority of their life outdoors and withstand all types of weather conditions. If you need a quality, long lasting shipping container but do not want to spend as much as a one-trip container, our used shipping containers will be perfect for you.