Have you seen Digital Trends’ list of best shipping container homes from around the world?

It’s amazing how modified shipping containers actually look and feel homey. And they’re not just a gimmick. Many are realizing the potential uses of shipping containers beyond housing cargo.

In fact, your next office could be a shipping container. Not convinced? Here are some reasons why a shipping container office could be the perfect office for you.

It’s Cost-Effective

When it comes to office space, you have different options. Renting is something you may have considered, as well as co-working spaces.

A lot of entrepreneurs also use their homes as the base of their operations. But if you want your own space, your very own office, consider a shipping container.

For one thing, it’s cheaper than the average office. The bulk of your expenses will go to plumbing, air conditioning, electrical fit-outs, and so on. In other words, modifications to the shipping container.

When you crunch the numbers, it’s still cheaper than building a traditional office.

It’s Convenient

Even if you already have a home office, you could have a container office set up next to your home or somewhere close by. This is ideal if you have kids or pets and are having trouble finishing work-related tasks.

An office container is also convenient if your business changes site often. Since it’s portable, you can have your office transported via truck or ship. Bring your office with you wherever you need to be.

It’s Customizable

Renting an office or going for shared spaces doesn’t give you much room for customization. But a shipping container office is a space you can customize as you please.

If you want a small conference room, use the container’s shipping partitions. Do you need a bigger space? Go for a bigger container that can fit all your office equipment plus your employees.

Other things you can add to your container office are personal access doors. You can also add workbenches and sliding glass windows. Everything you could ever want in an office space is possible with a shipping container.

It’s Scalable

In a traditional office, you’ll need to rent nearby rooms if you’ve taken on a lot of extra staff. Another option is to move to another office building. But that’s not always practical. What if everything’s occupied and you need to move in quick?

You also have to think about what happens to the space when you no longer need the office. It’s something you don’t have to worry about with shipping containers.

If you need more space, add more containers. When you don’t need them anymore, you can remove or sell them.

Ready to Work in a Shipping Container Office?

Working in a shipping container office offers a lot of benefits. It’s affordable, customizable, and scalable.

If you’re considering shipping container offices, call us today at 713-675-4442. Or email us at sales@ems-llc.com. We can help you find a shipping container that best suits your business needs.