When you see the words “shipping container”, your mind might sum up images of steel containers on a cargo ship. And, in order of operation, that’s their history. But things have changed for these giant, steel canisters.

Shipping containers have evolved into something more than receptacles for goods and services. They are now innovative options for several different industries thanks to modification manufacturing.

Entertainment, education, hospitality, and the tiny home movement in Houston use them. Take a look at 5 of the most innovative shipping container modifications in the Houston area.

1. Shipping Container Modifications: Homes

Houston native, Jerry Hartless, took Texas by storm when he became the first to build homes out of shipping containers in Houston.

The idea came about during his 2013 stay in Afghanistan and Iraq. Hartless was there installing internet service for 65,000 US troops. A shortage of housing for him and his team became a problem.

To resolve his housing dilemma, Jerry built something unique. He collected the shipping containers used to transport miles of cable wire to him. The result? A man camp complete with rooms, toilets, and showers. He even managed some kitchens.

He brought that idea back home to Texas and began building up Hoston’s 5th Ward. Plans to build an entire complex out of shipping containers homes in the works.

2. Centers for Education

In developing countries, solar-powered containers bring educational opportunities to thousands. There are in some parts of the US as well.

Teachers and students need more schools and places to put them. But the lack of finances, materials, and space make it hard new schools. Modified containers cost less to construct are take up less space.

These ergonomic innovations cost only about $2500. It would millions less to build a classroom with two than with traditional classroom materials.

The cost to build schools in Houston is 26% more than other states in the US. Shipping units prove to be a much cheaper choice.

3. Restaurants and Food Trucks

New and old modified cargo units have people flocking to see container-styled restaurants. More owners are taking this efficient approach to building places to eat and hang out.

It’s the growing fad in Texas. Developers and restaurant connoisseurs seem to be in a race to gather containers. They’re turning thousands of square footage of land into refurbished shipping containers eateries.

Hundreds of restaurants owners across the US are riding the coattails of this new trend as well.

4. Hotels and Inns

Container units have found their way into the hospitality industry. Luxury hotels are being modeled almost identical to regular resorts. People have no idea their booking stays in shipping containers.

Some hotels are transportable. Others are permanent structures like homestays and hostels.

If you’re in the Texas area, stop and marvel at the Round Top–Texas’ first shipping container hotel.

5. Office Complexes

Cubicle space isn’t enough these days. Business owners still struggle with space constraints. That was before the idea of modifying cargo containers into offices came about.

In the past, construction sites were the only businesses using shipping containers offices. Because of convenience, space, privacy, and affordability, containers officers are popping up everywhere.

Buy a Container

Shipping container modifications are visible all over the globe. Their uses are boundless.

The best part is mobility. Cargo containers can remain stationary or owners can transport them. Whatever fits your need.

Take a look at container modifications for your next home or office space.