Whether you’re planning to start an export business in Houston or simply build a storage facility on your property, shipping containers can be your best bet for a base material. It’s sturdy, easily accessible from trusted suppliers like Equipment Management Services, and cost-effective. A shipping unit costs only about $2,500.

Considering that it would take just a couple of units to build a fair-sized storage facility, you only have to spend about $5,000 to $10,000 for the base material. Compared to how much you need to spend on traditional construction materials, you can receive huge savings with shipping containers. In fact you can save even more if you use used shipping containers. They may not be as robust as brand new units but as long as they are seaworthy you can expect them to perform well both as a building material and as a cargo carrier.

Save Money by Utilizing Used Shipping Containers for Your Project from EMS

If you choose to buy a used shipping container, however, you should expect that the unit needs some cleaning up and enhancement before you can use it for your project. Here are some tips on how to clean and refurbish a used shipping container.

Remove Dust and Dirt

One of the first things you’ll notice in a used shipping container is the dust and dirt buildup both on its exterior and interior. As soon as the unit is delivered to your home, begin the cleanup by removing this buildup using a strong-bristled broom. Work your way from the back end to the front. Not only will this help reveal the extent of rusting but it will also allow paint to adhere properly even without the use of primer. Make sure to wear a dust mask to avoid inhaling the dust and rust mixture that will cloud the area as you clean. To expedite the process, consider using a pressure washer.

Deal with the Rust

There will be rust. That’s for sure. Shipping containers are made of steel, a metal produced by mixing iron with carbon. Even by adding carbon, iron is still present in the mixture. This means rust can still form. However, just because there’s rust doesn’t mean the container is no longer usable. It will still depend on the extent of rust buildup on the surface of the container. Normally, the older the unit, the more rust you can expect to find. You can deal with rust by simply scraping or sanding it away and recoating the surface of the metal.

Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

New paint will help seal off the surface of the shipping container and prevent further corrosion. Now that the units are all clean and dry, you can start applying the primer. Primer helps improve the adherence of paint on the surface of the container. The thicker the primer, the better the adherence of paint will be. Of course, you have to choose a color that matches your business’s theme or your personal preference.

Consider Modification

Luckily, some suppliers, such as Equipment Management Services, offer modification services. One of the things they can do for you is to coat your newly bought units. Just tell them your specific needs and they’ll do their best to meet them. This will help reduce your chores, allowing you to work on other important tasks.

To make sure that you will invest in high-quality used shipping containers for sale, be it brand new or used, turn to a reputable shipping containers, like EMS. With around 20,000 acres of shipping containers and well-managed storage and maintenance facilities, they can definitely lead you to the right units for your needs.


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