Despite what many people might think, the use of shipping containers isn’t limited to the shipping industry. In recent years, shipping containers have become the popular tool of choice for those who want to create a business with a twist.

Thanks to their durability and versatility, shipping containers have an incredibly wide range of uses, and that’s before you even take modifications into account. Due to the advances in technology, your shipping container supplier will be able to create almost whatever you can dream of. Have a look at the following unusual business ideas which will have you clamoring to find shipping containers for sale.

Look for Shipping Containers for Sale to Create a Mobile Art Gallery

Shipping Containers as Saunas

People might be divided on the benefits of regular sauna use, but whether you agree or not, shipping containers are the ideal base to turn into beautifully-crafted mobile saunas. You can use the shell of the container to show off your design skills by turning each sauna you make into a unique and individual piece.

Due to the numerous shipping container modifications available, you can create mobile saunas that can be transported anywhere in the world, rather than buy a premade one for a larger sum of money. You can have solar power added for any electric needs, add luxuries like a shower and can add windows to allow natural light in.

This unusual business could be one of two things, either a mobile sauna rental company, or a shipping container sauna sales business. If you are an artist or designer, this could be a great way to get attention.

Craft Beer

Because of their small, independent, and traditional charm, craft beer is becoming increasingly popular. If you want to take advantage of this trend, you could use shipping containers to create a mobile craft beer bar.

The idea of turning a shipping container into a self-serve craft beer bar is now possible. This unusual business idea offers so many different opportunities such as taking your mobile craft beer bar to music festivals and large multi-day events anywhere around the world. You could even take your shipping container craft beer bar to the Oktoberfest festival in Germany to show off your business to fellow beer enthusiasts.

An Art Gallery or Studio

A space to display your artwork doesn’t need to cost a large amount of money. A shipping container can be modified to become an art gallery by creating simple stud walls to hang artwork on. Ask your container supplier to add spotlighting and simple fixtures to the interior so that your art can be viewed without distraction. If you choose a long container, you will be able to hang artwork of varying sizes and shapes; sculptures and 3D artwork can also be displayed.

If you’re selling work, ask for a desk to be included as part of your modifications. You can hook up a cash desk to take payments too. If you’d like your art gallery to be portable, a shipping container is an ideal venue, as you can move it to various locations. Alternatively, when your studio or gallery isn’t in use, you could transport large amounts of artwork if need be, and turn your shipping container back into something resembling its original purpose.

If your business is one that doesn’t suit a traditional venue, or you want something that sets you apart from other companies, shipping containers make a versatile and quirky space to develop. A shipping container supplier can modify containers to meet any requirements. So if you’d like more advice about creating your business space inside a container, contact a reputable company shipping container supplier.


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