If you’re used to running events, you’ll be familiar with the difficulties of keeping crowds under control. Unless things are clearly signposted, and staff are everywhere to manage rowdy behavior, many people simply won’t listen or understand where they need to go. In fact, if things aren’t well organized, event managers could soon find themselves with a lawsuit on their hands.

If you’ve been in a situation where people try to enter an event without buying tickets, or large numbers of people accumulate where you don’t want them to, it’s time to find a better solution. Used shipping containers can easily be used for crowd control in multiple ways.

Used Shipping Containers Make Excellent Ticket Offices at Busy Events

Ticketing Offices

If event goers can’t find the area to buy a ticket, they’re going to try walking in for free. It’s best to avoid this by having a clear and accessible area to buy tickets, which should easily be seen by both visitors and staff.

Shipping containers can be modified with insulation, windows, lighting and shelters to make them ideal portable ticketing offices. Staff can stay warm and dry in bad weather, and event goers can easily locate an office and purchase tickets through modified windows.

Entrance Points

One creative crowd control solution is to have turnstiles built into shipping containers. Visitors will only be able to enter one at a time, and only one staff member will be needed to check tickets. This will ideally stop surges from the crowd. If a venue could only hold a certain amount of people, the number of people can easily be regulated by locking the turnstile.

Information Centers

Some people will get lost, confused or need some information at events. Direct these people to the nearest information point with a brightly colored shipping container.

Shipping containers that are turned into rooms are highly versatile. While one day it might be used as an information center, you may choose to turn it into an office, pop-up shop or meeting point at another event.

Think About Practicality

It’s unlikely that an event location will be permanent, so all your crowd control measures should be portable. Shipping containers are built to be moved around,so when your event heads to a new town, you can easily pack them up ready for transportation.

There are companies that specialize in both sourcing and modifying shipping containers to suit your requirements. If you have any queries about how containers can be used for crowd control measures, or plan to purchase some shipping containers, contact a reputable shipping container company.


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