With a reported 721,053 motor vehicle thefts in America in 2012, it’s no wonder that people are doing everything they can to keep their vehicles secure. Unfortunately for most Americans, the options to keep their cars secure are mostly limited to owning a home with a garage. The good news is that there’s a better and much cheaper solution for those who want a secure place to keep their cars.

This solution comes in the form of shipping containers. While it might sound outlandish, shipping containers have several advantages over buying a property with a garage or building a garage on your property.

You Can Get More Secure Car Storage with Shipping Containers for Sale


The security of your car is paramount, and you wouldn’t want to have to worry about it when you’re out of town. Cars left on driveways are easy targets for an experienced car thief. Worse, even if you own a garage, these can be easy to break into due to their generally thin doors. Also, because of the way garage doors operate, they tend to only have only one lock which makes them vulnerable.

A shipping container on the other hand is made of high strength steel. Because of their strength, they are virtually impossible to cut into without creating a lot of noise and advertising one’s presence. Containers can also have a variety of security features including lock boxes, high security padlocks, 10 point locking systems, anti-drill cylinders, anti-jimmy studs and anti-knockout hinges, among others.

Keep Costs Down

With the average cost of building a new garage at about $25,000, many people can’t afford one. Shipping containers can be converted into a garage for securely housing your car for less than a third of the price of a conventional garage.

A garage created from a shipping container will also have much lower maintenance costs compared to a traditional garage. The great news is it can still add value to your home, even if it is not a traditional garage.

Different Design Options

Your shipping container garage can be designed to complement any home aesthetic. On one hand, you may choose to keep things simple with a paint job or the addition of a swing out or roll up door. On the other hand, you could think more creatively. A container with extra height, width or length can be upgraded to include storage areas for your other personal items. You can also use several containers to build a more advanced space, rather than just one.

Although many people choose to build a stand alone shipping container garage, it’s also possible to join it to your existing property as you would an extension. Such a build will look polished, and the differences between it and a traditional garage will be minimal.

Easy to Transport

Using the current transport infrastructure, you can have shipping containers moved to any location in the world. Your “garage” can be picked up and delivered to a desired location if it needs to be moved, and you can opt to take it to a new property should you decide against leaving it behind.

This is a great advantage, especially if you have custom or vintage cars that you regularly take to shows. You can keep the mileage numbers down while reducing the chance of damage in transit. It is also very useful for those who want to move to a new house without having to pay a premium for garage space as they can take their garage with them.

Shipping containers offer a great alternative for those who want to secure their vehicles. To find out more about shipping containers for sale, contact a reputable shipping container supplier.


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