Although shipping containers are becoming more popular, many people still hold strange beliefs about them. While there are some facts about used storage containers for sale that are quite shocking, such as that over 11 million containers are unused every year, let’s debunk a few misconceptions about them.

Shipping Containers are not Expensive

People assume that used storage containers are expensive, given their size and weight. However, this is rarely the case. It costs more to melt down the steel from a container than the item is worth, so millions are abandoned every year. If you want to buy used shipping containers, you’re in a great position to grab a bargain.

You should expect to pay only a couple thousand dollars for a used shipping container in good condition. If a company is trying to charge a lot more, ask why. Are extras included? How large is the container? Educating yourself will make your purchase a lot easier.

Used Storage Containers For Sale Are Neither Expensive nor Damaged

Shipping Containers are Often in Good Condition

The word ‘used’ conjures images of a damaged or substandard product, but this is not the case with shipping containers. Containers shouldn’t be sold unless they’re fit for purpose, and while you should know what you’re looking for in a container, your supplier has a responsibility to only sell you a container that’s going to be fit for your intended use.

Make sure you tell your supplier what you want the container for, and they’ll direct you to the best storage boxes that will meet these needs. A quick look around the container will tell you whether or not it’s damaged too.

Shipping Containers are Easy to Insulate

Some people assume a metal box is hard to insulate, but this isn’t true. Common insulation options include spray foam, which will attach itself to the metal of the storage container. It also comes in the form of blanket insulation, which only requires stud walls to be put up.

Although these are common methods, they aren’t the only ones. You can also use egg cartons, exterior foliage or even mud to insulate your shipping container.

There are many myths about used storage containers for sale that are passed around by people who are not really familiar with them. With a bit of research, you’ll soon realize which information is correct, and which are just myths. To find a container that matches your requirements, contact a reputable shipping container company.


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