Having a workshop fitted with the latest tools is a dream for many people. Unfortunately for most, that dream ends up as a small workspace in the garage or a simple shed. However, another option is to use modified cargo storage containers to suit your workshop needs.

Plenty of Space

When creating your own workshop, you’ll need spaces to work and for keeping your tools, equipment and supplies. If you set up your workspace in the corner of your garage, you’ll be left with a small area when your car is parked inside. Equally, a shed in the garden may not be big enough for everything you need.

Cargo storage containers can be bought in a variety of sizes up to 40ft in length. This should give you plenty of space to install shelves, cupboards and workbenches to create your dream workshop. If you choose a high cube cargo storage container, you’ll have additional roof space, giving you the option to install storage solutions above head height.

Your Tools are Safer In a Workshop Built with Cargo Storage Containers

Highly Customizable

Cargo storage containers are very versatile. A shipping container supplier will be able to modify your container to any specifications you require. Options include having different types of doors installed, such as standard pvc or roller shutters, and windows for natural light. Unlike many backyard workshops, you can install electricity in a cargo storage container. This allows you to run power tools and lights, giving you the ability to work day or night at your convenience.

Containers can also be modified in very short amounts of time, so you can get your workshop up and running in almost no time instead of waiting for your workshop to be built from scratch.

High Level of Security

One of the worst things that can happen is for your workshop to be burgled. When you’ve spent thousands of dollars on tools and equipment, having them stolen deals a significant financial blow, not to mention very demoralizing.

Garden sheds tend to be made from wood and are fairly easy for thieves to break in. However, cargo storage containers are made of high strength steel, which makes them incredibly difficult to break down. They often feature high security locks, and any attempt to break into one is likely to make enough noise to deter thieves.

Shipping containers are also weatherproof and fireproof. This is great if you live in areas where there are strong winds, storms or rain. Containers are even safe from criminal damage such as arson. Your tools and equipment will have an extra layer of security for when you’re not around.


Home workshops can be expensive to set up, so having to leave everything behind when you move house would be frustrating. Creating a workshop from cargo storage containers will mean you can take it with you. You can use the container transport infrastructure to move your workshop to wherever you’re moving next.


The average cost of a garden shed is $3,004. It makes more sense to spend a similar amount on a workshop built from a shipping container which is stronger, larger, and is portable to boot.

Protect the Environment

The environment is a topic that’s getting more and more attention worldwide. The process of reclaiming steel from containers uses a lot of energy, which is why so many sit empty across the world. If you plan to build a workshop from scratch, you’ll be using unnecessary energy and materials to create a space when you can recycle a used container instead.

To find out more about how cargo storage containers can be modified and turned into the home workshop of your dreams, contact a reputable shipping container supplier.


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