The use of shipping containers as living spaces are becoming more common nowadays. Thanks to the benefits they provide such as affordability, durability, and strength, shipping containers are attracting a lot of potential homeowners and builders. Despite its increasing popularity, however, there remains some hesitations and doubts over their limitations.

There are still those who question the possibility of building their dream homes using shipping containers, including recycled and used units. These doubts come from the misconceptions surrounding these materials. If you’re planning to build a house using these containers, then it’s just right to sort out the truths from the myths. This way, you can ease your worries and determine whether building a container home is the best way for you to go.

Facts and Myths About Building Your Home Using Shipping Containers

Using Shipping Containers Can Help You Save Money

Affordability is one of the top reasons why people are using shipping containers to build homes. Since you won’t have to spend that much on maintenance, structure, exterior cladding, and weatherproofing, you can save cash. In fact, you can save up to 40% when you use shipping containers than when you opt for traditional construction approach. You can then use that savings on other important expenses related to completing your dream home.

Don’t get this fact wrong, however. Just because you can save a lot when you use shipping containers doesn’t mean that such types of homes are automatically cheaper than any other types. It would still depend on your design plans.

Strength and Durability are Excellent

Shipping containers boast of strength and durability. In fact, these are among their best features. When you build a home out of shipping containers, you can have peace of mind that your house can withstand harsh elements.

Because containers are basically stronger than wood, concrete, and steel buildings, they are able to resist the impact of disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornadoes. As long as the foundation is properly built, shipping containers can take the brunt of winds of up to 100mph.

You Can’t Do it by Yourself

Some homeowners mistakenly believe that since building a house using shipping containers is easier that they don’t need the help of professionals. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Any construction project should only be done by professionals, especially if you don’t have any extensive knowledge about it.

Shipping containers come in various sizes and types. They can also be modified depending on your needs and preferences. That’s why it’s best to work with an experienced supplier that provide modification services so that you can get the exact materials you need for your house. That way too, any modification will be professionally done.

Aside from building specifications, you should also take into account local construction and zoning regulations and codes. Every area has a set of policies that homeowners and builders need to follow when constructing new homes. Before you start building, you must schedule a meeting with the local building authorities to secure all the necessary permits.

These Aren’t Tiny Spaces

For some reason, people have a misconception that container homes are tiny and lacking in space. The truth, however, is that you can aim big with such materials. You just have to know the right type to choose and modifications to do to achieve the space you want.

There are a lot of information about shipping containers out there. However, you can’t just believe everything you read or hear. It’s your job to do your research before setting out on a project. Working with reliable suppliers of shipping containers is advisable, too. They can provide you the knowledge and guidance in making the right decisions.


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