Due to its versatility and functionality, shipping containers are no longer limited for shipping purposes. People now turn to used shipping containers when they no longer have room in their homes or offices to keep their precious possessions. Since containers are durable, safe, and secure, they can also be used as self-storage units. From family heirlooms to pieces of furniture and seasonal decorations, a container can be used to safely store a range of items.

While container storage facilities are designed to keep and protect valuables items, increasing security is always recommended, especially if you’re storing items that mean the world to you. There are several security measures you can take to beef up the security of used shipping containers for sale.

Steps for Improving Security in Used Shipping Containers for Sale


There’s no harm in trying to keep your most important valuables hidden even if they’re already inside a container. It’s advisable to put these items at the very back of the container so that they’re difficult to see and reach. This prevents the items from getting stolen in case such an unfortunate event occurs.


Usually, you have the freedom to choose the lock you use for your storage unit. Knowing the different options will help you make the best choice.

Bolt locks and cylinder locks are recommended since they can withstand bolt cutters, which are the usual tools used for break-ins. The same goes for locks with short, thick necks or shackles since they are difficult for most bolt cutters’ blades to grasp.

There are other locking systems you can consider, particularly heavy duty padlocks. This option is the easiest way to lock and secure your storage container. There are different types of padlocks, one of which is the most commonly used “shutter” padlocks.

While padlocks are very easy to attach and use, you may want to reinforce them with lock boxes. They make it almost impossible for anyone to tamper and break the padlocks keeping your container secure. Think of these steel boxes as the protective shield for your padlock system. They’re big enough to fit a padlock and a key; however, they’re not too large that anyone can pick the locks or cut the shackle.

Lock boxes are not that hard to install. They can easily be bolted or welded on the container. Or, you can ask the supplier to modify the container for you to add such a locking system.

Area Security

Aside from bolstering and locking the storage container, you should also enhance security around the area. While there are storage facilities that provide a security system, you can have your own inside the container. There are wireless security systems that you can link to your laptop or smartphone so that you can monitor your own container.

Another option is to install alarm systems. This is especially advisable if you’re keeping your valuables for a long time. Standard alarm systems can work if your unit is placed near buildings where there’s easy access to power supply and landline.

On the other hand, you can rely on a GSM alarm system. This technology involves sensors, closed circuit TV monitors, and motion detectors that you can access through the mobile phone network. GSM alarm systems can be tailor-made and installed on your storage container.

For another layer of security, you can build a perimeter fencing around the storage units if they are in your own property. All you need are either metal mesh or razor bars that can keep away people, animals, and other elements from gaining entry to the area.

For a long time, shipping containers have been used and are still being used to carry and store all sorts of items. While containers are strong and durable enough to keep stored items safe, it is the responsibility of the owner to improve features that limit access.


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