It was back in the 1950’s when the first shipping container was designed. Back then the main purpose was to redefine how cargo was shipped and stored when it came to long distance logistics. Upon their introduction to the industry, loss and damage of goods was significantly cut down. Today, the cargo containers are being used for more than just the transport of goods.

Why? That’s because the Conex box for sale is known for its amazing strength and durability, even after exposure to harsh elements. Here are some interesting facts about the reliability of shipping containers:

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Fact 1: It’s All about the Material

The incredible strength of shipping containers is mainly due to the materials it is made of. Specifically, the Conex box is made of a type of weathering steel that is also known in the industry as Cor-ten steel. It is resistant to corrosion and rusting so it can stay in perfect condition even without paint.


Fact 2: There’s More to the Wave Than Looks

The metal used for the body and the walls are commonly corrugated, which gives the containers its signature wavy texture. This feature, however, isn’t just for aesthetics. The corrugation also helps with maintaining the structural integrity of the boxes to allow for stacking. These metal panels are then welded into place so that they stay in place and do no collapse.


Fact 3: Built to Withstand Heavy Loads 

The containers are designed to be strong and durable because they are meant to transport goods all over the world. To save on space, they are intentionally built for stacking. Amazingly enough, the best shipping containers like those provided by suppliers from Texas can hold up to 60 tones on each of its corners. Talk about strength and stacking power. It’s no wonder that metal containers are highly valued.


Fact 4: Lasts a Long Time

Most new containers are typically used for shipping for a maximum of 10 years. However, with the right care and maintenance they can last up to 25 years. Many logistical companies tend to let go of the boxes after 10 years because of industry standards. That doesn’t mean they should go to waste. In fact, many innovative people purchase used shipping containers and repurpose them. Their sturdiness, durability, and strength are still reliable, even if they have already seen international travel for over a decade.

The best way to ensure that the Conex boxes stay in perfect condition for as long as possible to take proper care of them. Do all the necessary repairs and always buy the containers from a trusted trailer yard in Texas.



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