It is no secret that shipping container modification is a great way to reuse an old cargo container and create less waste during the construction process. Plus, with the container acting as the sturdy base of a “building” it cuts down the cost of laying down a foundation. There are so many reasons why the residents of Texas and everywhere else in the world are turning to new and used metal boxes for their construction needs, meaning it is worth looking into.

Aside from reducing construction waste and recycling the boxes, there are other steps you can take to ensure the containers are more eco-friendly. Here are some amazing ideas worth exploring if your goal is to modify a cargo container into an environmentally friendly and sustainable space:

A High-Quality Shipping Container Modified into a Functional Space

1. Indoor Container Garden

What is greener than having your very own garden? For the most part, people tend to have outdoor gardens where they grow a variety of plants. This can be a problem for places where rain showers are frequent. Transforming an old shipping container into a greenhouse solves this problem. A trusted and experienced shipping container supplier can work with you to create your dream indoor garden. A sunroof, a ventilation system, proper shelves for seedlings, and even proper lights can be installed at your request.


2. Above Ground Swimming Pool

It is a dream of many people to have their very own swimming pool at home. This usually remains a dream because pools are very expensive and require hiring a team to dig on the ground which can disturb the natural area and may even result in some construction problems. Also factor in the tons of building permits required which adds to the expenses. When repurposing a shipping container all those steps are eliminated. The pools are made off-site, shipped, and delivered to your home. No need to disturb the ground by digging a deep hole only to be filled with concrete and water.


3. On The Go Training Facilities

Technically this type of modification isn’t 100% eco-friendly, but it can be a lot of help. Many organizations want to travel to different areas to raise awareness of their cause. Utilizing a container as a venue for trainings and seminars makes it easier to reach a wider and broader audience. It may not be an immediate solution that is cleaner and better for the environment, but having the chance to educate people makes a huge difference, especially when it comes to the future generations.


4. Greener Housing Option

The tiny house movement is one of the reasons why container homes have become so popular in the recent years. People who want to live a minimalist life opt to build small houses using used Conex boxes. This is great way to reduce your carbon footprint, but that is just the first step. Certain added modifications can increase a shipping container home’s eco-friendliness.

Added modifications like better insulation, a water filtration system, or even a rooftop garden can all have an impact on the eco-friendliness of a home. These modifications can also be applied to containers that have been repurposed as an office or hotel.


Creative Environmentally Friendly Solutions

When it comes to shipping container modification, people look to this solution as a way to cut down the cost of construction. While that is a big motivator to reduce, reuse, and to recycle it shouldn’t be the lone reason. Help cut down the waste and save the environment by using the containers wisely. All it takes is a bit of creativity and the help of experts with tons of experience in modifications and almost everything is possible.

Start checking out other shipping container improvements to get inspired. Simply incorporate them into your plans and the staff at Equipment Management Services in Texas will gladly build it for you.



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