It isn’t uncommon to find homes that lack a proper garage as many homes only have a driveway for any vehicles a homeowner has. Although the driveway gets the job done, it doesn’t keep your vehicles very secure. In fact, car theft is still a big issue around the country. Despite this, may homeowners still struggle with adding a garage in their homes due to the associated costs. In such cases, it may be to your advantage to invest in a quality conex box instead.

Conex boxes, also known as shipping containers, are a great option for homeowners looking to add a detached car garage to their respective homes. The best part is that if you play your cards right, a storage container garage can actually be much more affordable than having a garage built from scratch. If the idea of a conex box garage appeals to you, make sure you keep the following in mind to help you build the perfect garage:


Inside a Conex Box: A Space You Can Transform into Any Room


Number of Conex Boxes

The number of conex boxes that you will need will be determined by what kind of garage you prefer. Some people are happy with purchasing a used conex box, making a few modifications, and having it delivered straight to their home. Those with several cars may benefit from purchasing two conex boxes and having a roof installed between the two containers for more space. Consider how many cars you and your family will be parking at home at any given time and that should help you determine how many conex boxes you’ll need.


Conex Box Dimensions

Storage containers come in many different sizes, and you’ll need to determine how large of a conex box you’ll need. This is even more important if you are purchasing a single conex box since the last thing you want is to realize there isn’t enough space for you to get out of your car after you’ve parked. Standard 20ft conex boxes are enough for a good number of vehicles, but you may want to get a larger one if you also plan to use a section of the conex box garage as a workshop or hobby area.


Prepare the Right Foundation

Due to the size and material used to manufacture them, storage containers must be placed on a sturdy foundation. Otherwise, the conex box will quickly sink into the ground. Most applications can get away with a good foundation made of wood, but a concrete foundation would work best for a conex box garage. Not only does concrete provide a strong foundation for the garage, but you can also easily drive in and back up your vehicle.


Invest in the Right Door

When purchasing a conex box from trusted sellers, like Equipment Management Solutions, for the purpose of building a garage, you may be offered modification services. Take them up on their offer and have a new door installed. Your garage door plays a vital role in the security of your vehicle and you should invest in a strong door. Whether you prefer a roll-up door or a swinging door, make sure that you choose the right type of door for your security needs.


Proper Airflow

Lastly, you’ll need to make sure your new garage is equipped to facilitate proper airflow. Car exhaust can easily be trapped inside a conex box. Not only does this pose a health hazard for anyone who opens up the garage door, but the smell of car exhaust can easily seep inside and soak into your car seats. Make sure you have your modification team add a few vents or even a whirly bird.



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