Used shipping containers are incredibly versatile.

They don’t have to be discarded after serving their original purpose. This is because they make great eco-friendly alternatives for building structures. These days, they’re being used to build everything from offices to entertainment venues. In this post, we’ll show you some of the most interesting uses for them.

Innovative Ways to Recycle Used Shipping Containers

Here are some of the best ways people around the world are giving new life to old containers.

1. Restaurants

Industrial shipping containers are now being used to build trendy restaurants and cafes, with even Starbucks jumping on the bandwagon. If you’re interested in setting up your own little place, find out how to build a shipping container restaurant and get started.

2. Swimming Pools

If you want to have a swimming pool in your backyard, you have to go through a lengthy and expensive process, first. This involves getting planning permission and digging a huge hole before you can even start installing it. With a shipping container, that’s not the case. You can have one converted into a pool and delivered straight to your home without any hassle.

3. Playgrounds

In Las Vegas, converted shipping containers have been used to create a huge shopping and entertainment venue for families called Downtown Container Park. There, visitors can shop til they drop, dine out, and attend various events, all housed inside upcycled containers. For kids, the highlight of the park is its playground, which has slides, swings and a jungle gym.

4. Vacation Homes

Have you always dreamed of having a holiday home but never been able to afford it? With containers, you can make your dream a reality. Lots of architects are now using them to build low-cost, environmentally holiday homes for those who are looking for efficient living spaces.

5. Indoor Gardens

If you’ve got a green thumb but lack the green space in which to indulge it, shipping containers are a great alternative. They can be easily converted into nurseries or indoor gardens, where you can grow your own flowers, fruits, and vegetables. This is perfect for those who live in cities and industrial areas and don’t have the luxury of a yard.

6. Home Gyms

You don’t have to pay for an expensive gym membership to be able to work out. Instead, you can set up your very own private gym with a shipping container. Fill it with all the equipment you need, and you’ll never have to wait to use machines or dumbbells again.

7. Bridges

Shipping containers are also being linked together to form bridges. Windows, stairs, and ledges can all be easily installed by making simple changes to the design. The first known use of this idea was in Tel Aviv, where a 160-meter shipping container bridge was built over a landfill site. Since then, the idea has caught on in other parts of the world, too.

Get Started

If these amazing ideas have given you some inspiration, you can turn your big idea into a reality. All you need is some creativity and the right resources. You’ll have to make sure you get good-quality used shipping containers. This will give you a sturdy foundation to build on.

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