Paintball is a big business in America. Constantly growing, it is now the third largest alternative sport. With that in mind, it makes sense that as a paintball business owner you want to give your customers the best possible experience to keep them coming back for more.

Whether you are looking to grow your paintball business or looking to start one, there’s one item that you shouldn’t be leaving out, and that’s a conex box.

You Can Use a Conex Box for Various Purposes in the Paintball Field

What is a Conex Box?

You might be wondering what a conex box is, as many people have never heard of them. Simply put, a conex box is a shipping container developed during the Korean War by the U.S. military and later used for transport and storage in the Vietnam war. The conex box generally measures 8 feet, 6 inches long, 6 feet, 3 inches wide, and 6 feet, 10 inches high.

The first reason why you should be using conex boxes on your paintball field is to give your scenarios an authentic and realistic air. Conex boxes were used by the military in the theater of battle and, therefore, a genuinely authentic addition to any paintball field.

What Can You Use Them For?

Realistically, the only limitation on how a conex box can be used is the limitation of your imagination. On a paintball field they can be used for numerous capacities, from decoration, to “safe” zones, to team bases, to in-game paintball refill stations. You could even just load it up with props and use it as a target-practice box.

Use Them for Their Original Purpose

Depending on where your paintball site is located, it can sometimes be quite difficult to add new buildings that are secure enough to hold valuable items. With conex boxes, you don’t need to worry about construction; simply ship them to your site by a truck and put them in the appropriate location. Presto! Start using them for their original purpose.

They provide a very secure place in which to store items. Plus, with conex boxes being water resistant and weatherproof, you know that whatever you put inside will be safe from the elements, whether it’s paintball guns, ammunition or protective equipment.

Somewhere to Change

It’s no secret that paintball is a messy activity. Even if you wear protective overalls, you can still wind up with paint halfway down your back. What many paintball businesses lack is a designated changing area, which frequently results from not being able to construct new buildings on site. This is no issue with conex boxes. Simply have them modified to include doors, lockers, benches and even showers if you want. Suddenly, everyone has a place they can change and store their valuables while they are out having fun.

First Aid Post

One of the problems with paintballing is that it’s not hard to incur an injury. Unfortunately, many paintball sites don’t have medical stations on site to help with small wounds and injuries. You definitely do not need a full-scale, medical facility on site, but you could use a conex box in which to clean potential paintball impact wounds, bandage sprains or strains, and in the event of a serious medical emergency, keep someone safe until medical help arrives. Of course, if you plan to do this you should staff employees trained in first aid.

If you are in the paintball business or looking to get into it and want to use conex boxes to lend your site some authenticity and improve your onsite facilities, then make sure you contact a reputable shipping container supplier, who will be able to give you the best advice on what will suit your needs. Your supplier will also more than likely be able to add any modifications you require to create the stations your paintball field needs.


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