Storage businesses are becoming increasingly popular as the ability to fill up space in both homes and offices remains as rampant as ever. People continue to look for new places to store their stuff, especially the seldom-used items.

There are two common ways to build a storage business. The top method is the traditional way, with bricks and mortar. However, the second up-and-coming way is turning out to be the easier and more scalable way: the use of shipping containers for storage. There are many reasons you should use shipping containers for your storage business.

Shipping Containers Allow You to Easily Grow Your Storage Business

Cost Effective

Construction is usually a very expensive prospect, but not as much when shipping containers are used. It allows you to move to different locations as needed. There are two types of shipping containers you can buy: new or used. Both of these options are substantially cheaper than building a specially-made storage facility.

On top of this, the maintenance costs are significantly reduced, as are utility bills should you electrically power your container.


Thanks to their strength, shipping containers make an excellent storage facility. They are very difficult for thieves to breach, thereby ensuring that your customers’ goods will be safe and secure.

Keep Goods Dry

Since storage containers are both water resistant and weatherproof, it means that you can keep your customers’ goods dry and intact at all times. As long as you keep your storage containers properly maintained, there’s no reason why customers can’t store anything from electrical goods to cars in them.

Rapid Growth

One of the hardest parts about being in the storage business is the prospect of expansion. If you own or lease land with a storage building on it, you are unlikely able to build another facility on the site. You would have to locate another larger site and build there, a prospect that would require much time and expense.

On the other hand, by developing your storage business around shipping containers, you can expand your business on-site with relative ease and for a significantly lower amount of money.

Extra Services

Oftentimes, people put their belongings into a storage unit when they are moving, but it can be difficult to then relocate these possessions to their new location. To gain an advantage over competitors, you can offer a service where you transport the shipping container to their new location, allowing them to unpack there, and then have the shipping container brought back to your site. With the ease in which you can have shipping containers transported, this would provide your business with a distinct advantage over other storage facilities.

There are many benefits to using shipping containers for your storage business. For more information, you should contact a reputable storage container supplier to rent your next Mobile Storage on-site unit. 


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