Long ago, shipping containers only had one use, that is, for storing and transporting shipments. Once they wear out and are considered useless, they are brought to landfills or worse just left stacked up at the dock. Today, things are much more different as people begin to have fascination over the upcycling trend. The trend has given rise to converting used shipping containers for sale in Houston. Here are just a few ways many people have upcycled these containers:

Trendy Pop Up Bars And Restaurants

People today love trying something new, especially when it comes to food and the nightlife experience. One perfect way to reuse an old shipping container is to convert it into a pop up restaurant or bar. Owners can tow around the shipping container to new areas and events, to keep things interesting. Providing the business with greater access to new customers in different localities and quickly expanding its brand presence in other regions of the community.

How to Creatively Convert Used Shipping Containers for Sale in Houston

Tiny Houses

The tiny house movement is another trend where cargo containers come into use. The ISO or International Standards Organization ensures that all manufacturers of shipping containers meet the prescribed dimensions. This means that almost all containers have the same sizes, which is perfect for a tiny house structure. One or two metal containers converted into a tiny home provide more than enough space for those living inside it.

Hostels and Hotels

Eco-friendly hotels and hostels are slowly becoming the most popular choice for travelers on a budget. One genius way of helping the environment while also cutting down on construction costs is to use Conex boxes as the body of the building. It is creative, environment-friendly, and unique enough for guests to book at least one night just to experience sleeping inside a shipping container.

Mobile Schools and Workshops

An advantage of using storage containers is how easy they are to transport. After converting a container, it can be attached to a trailer and pulled along to different states across the country. This makes them perfect for creating a mobile school or workshop. All the tools and materials are easily packed, stored, and driven to a new location to teach new people. Bringing education to those in need is made easier and more accessible thanks to the reusing of shipping containers.

Emergency Hospitals or Clinics

Waterproof containers are large and stable enough to house valuable medical equipment, even when on the move. During emergency cases where victims need immediate medical care, an ambulance just isn’t enough. This is where a shipping container turned hospital or clinic can save lives. With the right equipment on board and proper engineering, the shipping container can be the best resource during a disaster.

Personal Swimming Pools

There is a current trend where storage containers are repurposed into swimming pools. This is a smart way to own a pool without needing to dig a hole on your property. The size of a container is perfect for a small backyard pool that requires very little maintenance. Even homeowners without a lot of extra space can still have their own personal pool, thanks to the innovative Conex box pools.

Indoor Garden

Aquaponics and other indoor gardening methods are easily done inside a shipping container. With the proper adjustments and tools a garden can flourish within the walls of the container. This is a great way to start a sustainable garden which will provide you and your family with all the fruits and vegetables you need.

There are so many other uses for both a new or used shipping containers, all you need is a bit of imagination and access to Conex boxes. Checkout trusted cargo container providers like Equipment Management Services for more options on shipping containers within the Seattle, Houston, and Dallas area.


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