Shipping containers have not only revolutionized housing and businesses in the past, but also proved to be a game changer in the field of art. No longer recognized solely as portable storage solutions and affordable building materials, shipping containers for sale are now being used to bring artists’ visions to life. Whether you’re looking for a new medium for your next brilliant artwork or a creative space for your upcoming project, a storage container may be perfect for you. Just take a look at these three artistic uses for a shipping container and find inspiration.

Shipping Containers for Sale Can Be Turned into Beautiful Works of Art

Art Installations

All around the world, artists have been using industrial containers as a blank canvas for their projects. Belgium had the North West Walls program, which featured the work of six street artists who painted onto tall stacks of boxes. Australia also had Marcus Canning’s “Rainbow” installation, a monumental structure made from nine different colored shipping containers that form a rainbow. Meanwhile, the U.S. also has the IOU structure, a colossal 7-storey installation that serves as a marvel of art, architecture and a statement about the country’s national debt.

Museums and Galleries

The portability of shipping containers lets artists and aficionados “bring art to the people instead” of the other way around. It’s also a highly cost efficient method of showcasing art. For this very reason, portable museums and galleries have been popping up in the streets, luring people in for a bit of art appreciation. Jonathan Sears’ #MakersMobile shipping container gallery in Ohio and the Frogtown Artwalk pod galleries in Los Angeles are great examples of this excellent trend.

Art Studios

Especially in urban cities, it can be hard for an artist to find a space to hone his craft and create masterpieces in peace. Shipping containers can be used as an open studio to house your artwork and tools, fabricate larger pieces and a place of solace. You even have free reign to personalize your makeshift studio by painting the exterior and having it modified to your specifications. You can instruct your supplier to make your container suitable as a workspace, storage area and mini gallery all in one. In a way, it’s like you’re turning the studio itself into a work of art.

The art world is in an ever evolving landscape. It only makes sense, therefore, that artists recognize the potential of something as versatile as a quality shipping container from reputable companies, such as Equipment Management Services, that serve prominent areas like Houston, Dallas, and Seattle.


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