Shipping containers are becoming more and more popular these day. The uses for these sturdy and durable metal boxes have extended far from just shipping goods all over the world. The demand for these containers has significantly grown over the years because consumers have become more creative with their uses. The best part about the exploding popularity is how easy it is to find used shipping containers for sale in Houston.

The challenge many buyers face is how to refurbish old shipping containers to make them look brand new or at least fit their design dreams. There are some suppliers in Texas that will happily do the repairs and refurbishing for their clients, however sometimes it’s also good to get your hands dirty. For those interested in learning the ropes of used shipping container refurbishing, here’s what you need to know:

Recycling, Reusing, and Refurbishing Used Shipping Containers for Sale

The Advantages

Used shipping containers come with a long list of advantages. The same advantages and so much more are included when they are refurbished. These are some of the advantages of recycling and refurbishing metal containers:

  • Economical and affordable – Using used shipping containers and refurbishing them instead of buying brand new is a cheaper option. This is especially handy for those who plan to reuse the containers as the frame for construction projects.
  • EcoFriendly – If more storage containers are recycled, less of them will end up in landfills.
  • Still LongLasting – Although most containers have been used for 10 – 15 years they are still very durable. As long as they have been maintained properly and regularly repaired there should be no issue on their durability. In fact, if they are refurbished expertly, they can even last longer than expected.

What Goes Into Refurbishing?

 First thing’s first, ask your used shipping container supplier in Texas if they do all the repairs before you purchase any of the boxes. Getting newly repaired containers will make the task of refurbishing easier on your part. To help set your expectations about your project, here are some refurbishing facts you need to know:

  • Have a Clear Purpose in Mind – What you intend to do with used shipping containers will affect what kind of Conex box you choose. Used containers for shipping goods and materials don’t need as much work as those repurposed for a different use. The size of the box will also be affected depending on the purpose you have in mind.
  • Rustproofing is a Must – The biggest issue with used shipping containers is the wear and tear manifesting itself in the form of rust. When the rusting has spread too far and wide the structural integrity of the Conex is compromised. Do a routine sweep and look for corners with rust. Apply waterproof paint as often as possible to help protect the metal from weathering.
  • Portable vs. Stationary – A great advantage of shipping containers is their size. They have enough room for all the necessities, but it is also small enough to move around. As part of the refurbishing project, consider whether you prefer the container to be portable or if it will stay in one place. This will make a difference when it comes to the cost of modifying and refurbishing the containers.
  • Get Creative – The whole point of recycling and refurbishing used metal containers is for the freedom to build what you want and still stick to a budget. People have turned boxes into restaurants, hostels, offices, homes, and so much more. It is great way to build new things by using used materials.

The Future for Used Shipping Containers

As long as businesses continue to import and export goods there will always be a supply of used shipping containers waiting to be refurbished and recycled. This is a trend that’s worth riding, especially since it helps the environment while also helping people save lots of money in the process. So, try looking into shipping container refurbishment for your next construction project.


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