Anyone who has thought of buying shipping containers from Houston will no doubt consider how to clean the boxes. Although they are built to last, that doesn’t mean that the metal containers shouldn’t be cared for and routinely cleaned. In fact, by sticking to a cleaning schedule and doing regular maintenance repairs, owners can extend the lifespan of Conex boxes significantly.

Here are some cleaning techniques for both the internal and external part of the storage containers that you should start practicing immediately:

Clean Interior and Exterior 40-Foot Shipping Containers from Houston

  1. Sweeping and Dusting

Get the easiest task out of the way. First, start with the inside of the shipping container. It might not take the bulk of the weathering, but the internal part take on a lot of weight. Once the box is empty, sweep out all the dust and debris that have been left by the goods you have transported. In case there are any spills, wipe those away immediately to avoid liquid seeping into the floors.

  1. Washing Away

Once the inside has been swept and cleared of debris it’s time to move outside. It would be a good idea to rent out a pressure washer for this cleaning job. If not, a hose and metal scrub will do. Start from the roof of the container and work your way down. While on the roof, check for any dents, holes, and cracks that might need patching. Other damages to look for will include paint flaking and spots of rust. These will need quick repairs to avoid the spreading of damage.

While washing the external parts of the container, continue to check inside to see if any water has entered the box. If so, this may be an indication of a hole or a rusted area.

  1. Proper Drying

After a complete and thorough washing of the exteriors, the box requires drying. Allowing the boxes to soak in water will only result in damage. Pay clear attention to the bottom of the container. Water will naturally gather underneath the box, move the container to a new place that does not have a pool of water.

To help speed up the drying process, only wash the boxes during a bright sunny day. This way the sun’s heat will dry the containers naturally.

Cleaning of storage containers is a must to maintain its durability and strength. This is also a great time to check for early signs of damage. Stay attentive and your shipping container can last years and still be in perfect condition.


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