Used shipping containers are sturdy, covered structures that protect your investments from external threats in an efficient yet economical manner. They, however, can serve a lot of other purposes aside from simply providing shelter for your tools and equipment. Move your stuff somewhere else for the time being and you can instantly enjoy these practical uses for your metal shipping container.

A Birthday Party Place for Your Kid

A container shed can be an ideal place for your kid’s birthday party. For one thing, you wouldn’t have to worry about spills damaging precious flooring. For another, they would be very easy to clean up. A bare area such as a metal container will be easier to set up for a party. Place a long table here, a small table there, some chairs, and voila! You have your party area.

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A Family Picnic Spot

Need a place for a family gathering in the spring or summer? Enjoy the warm seasons with your closest relatives by having a family picnic in your metal container. If you plan to grill your food, make sure to park your grill a few feet away from your shed and keep the surroundings free from anything combustible. Your family can lounge in lawn chairs in the yard, then move into the container if they want some shade.

Animal Shelter

Do you have livestock and other animals on your property? Metal container sheds are a great refuge for your animals when they need some protection from heat and cold. Used shipping containers for sale come in a wide array of sizes, and you can even customize them to fit your needs. Instead of a traditional barn that costs a lot to construct, you may fare better with a more practical choice, such a modified used shipping container.


Create the most comfortable backyard space with a custom metal shed to shelter your deck, patio, hot tub, and even your pool. As mentioned, used shipping containers come in all sizes and are highly customizable, so regardless of the size of the backyard space you want to cover, you can order just the right size or number of containers to cover it.


Do you have a green thumb? Then your metal container can serve as the perfect spot for your plants. Transform your shipping container into a greenhouse and extend their growing season. Of course, you’ll have to make significant changes to the structure to do so, but seeing your precious plants bloom well into the cold season can make all the effort worth your while.

Garage Sale Venue

Plan to hold a garage sale? Your metal container ensures your goods are well protected until the last item is sold. An open metal container–one that has the walls removed–can give out an airy vibe, but a closed metal carport can be ideal if you plan to sell off pricey and delicate items.

Unlike traditional buildings, used shipping containers for sale in Houston can withstand the elements without deteriorating, rotting, or splintering. Their endless uses further make them an ideal home addition to have. Get in touch with a trusted supplier that operates off-dock container storage and maintenance facilities in Houston, Dallas, and Seattle, such as Equipment Management Services, to discuss how their used shipping containers for sale can meet your covered space requirements.


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