Today’s used shipping containers for sale are no longer simply used to store livestock and farming equipment. Many owners use their outdoor structures as hobby sheds, playrooms, studios, and practically any purpose they can think of. A well-illuminated used shipping container can ensure maximized use and enjoyment of your building. If you’re in the process of plotting the design of your metal container, one consideration you need to make is to think about how you’re going to light it. If you don’t want to bother installing electrical wiring in your outdoor buildings, here are some alternatives for you.

Shed Skylight

A skylight is going to bring light from the ceiling into your container shed, which can allow you to see every corner better. Likewise, a skylight can help you do away with electrical lighting during the day, which can help you save money. And since your daylight will be coming from the ceiling and not your windows, you can use your wall space for other things, such as vertical storage spaces for your tools and other supplies.

effective lighting system

Solar-Powered Lights

Placing solar panels on the roof of your shed is the most common way to enjoy solar-powered lighting. If you don’t want the panels on your shed, however, you can have them mounted on an outside wall of your shed. Typically, solar-powered lights can shine for up to three hours when fully charged, so if you want your shed lit for much longer than that, you may have to go with other lighting options.

Before you decide on solar lighting though, you need to know if your shed site gets enough sunlight. If the site doesn’t receive enough, you won’t be able to maximize your use of solar lighting.

LED String Lights

Strings of LED lights are an inexpensive outdoor building lighting option. They can also make the space feel warmer, as they lend a soft glow that doesn’t hurt the eyes. They also come in different colors, allowing you to maximize your creativity with your lighting. If you’re afraid of lighting systems that pose as fire hazards, LED lights are your best option, since they produce light without heat.

LED Chandeliers

For a more elegant LED option, LED chandeliers offer an added touch of class to your container shed. Choose an LED chandelier that comes in classic metal designs made of bronze, brass, gold, or silver. Add little shaders to individual lights to focus the illumination on specific areas in your shed. If you don’t want traditional, there are also contemporary LED chandeliers available.

Battery-Powered Fluorescent Lanterns

Fluorescent lanterns with bulbs powered by batteries are a lightweight and convenient lighting option that allows you to move your lighting when needed. Hang them on a wall, set them on your table, or place them on the floor to create different moods with your lighting.

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