Don’t make the mistake of assuming that shipping containers should be confined to transporting things from country to country. In a world where being environmentally friendly is a growing concern and many businesses can’t afford the high rent prices, used shipping containers have become a fantastic idea for savvy entrepreneurs.

The world of pop-up businesses can include anything you can think of, from restaurants to clothes shops. No matter what the business is, there are many advantages that used shipping containers can have over a conventional building location.

Low Initial Outlay

It is common knowledge that rent prices and business rates can be extremely high and can cause many struggling businesses to down. Instead of getting yourself tied into a costly rental contract, you should consider buying a used shipping container and converting it into space for your business.

The cost of a used shipping container can be as low as $1000, and that is to own it, not to rent it. On top of this you will need money to convert it for use as a business and transport costs, however the overall costs can be far lower than setting yourself up in an office or building space.

Storage Containers Let You to Find the Best Location for Your Business

Change Your Location

One of the biggest unknowns when starting a new business is the location. You can never be sure that the location you’ve chosen will be successful, this is where a shipping container can come in extremely handy. Operating your business from a shipping container means not being tied to a long and expensive building contract. Thus, you are free to experiment by setting up shop in different locations till you find the best one.

This is also a great advantage if you want to start taking your businesses to festivals and events.

Rapid Expansion

As a business, there is nothing more exciting than expanding into new locations. However, expansion can be an expensive thing to consider. By using shipping containers, you can have multiple businesses in different locations for minimal outlay. This allows for you to rapidly expand your business.

If you are considering using a shipping container as a base for your new pop-up business, then you need to contact a reputable shipping container company. They will have a team of experts on hand to give you the most up-to-date information and advice on what type of shipping container you will need for your business. A good shipping container company should also be able to be able to offer container modifications either on-site or through trusted partners.


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