Storage containers are no longer just storage containers. They are also being used by businesses around the world to solve workplace and storage issues. Thanks to their durability and water and wind proofing, they are great for anything from barebones storage to elaborate structures and everything in between.

Self-Storage Companies

Shipping containers have been used for storage for decades and they offer fantastic opportunities for self-storage operators to establish and expand a business without the need for costly construction projects.

Used storage containers offer mobility and flexibility. For storage facilities with vacant land, they can easily add shipping containers to increase their operating capacity, as well as being able to add them according to demand. Thanks to their size, they are also great for smaller areas where it might not be possible to build on, for example areas that are too narrow for a building. Having a self-storage space made up of storage containers also allows for the layout of the site to be changed.

Used Storage Containers for Sale Are Bought by Self-Storage Businesses

Another reason why storage containers are so popular with self-storage companies is that they are low cost, especially compared to the alternatives. They are also relatively maintenance free as they have been built to last decades. It is because of their construction that makes them ideal for self-storage as they are waterproof, this makes them suitable to store almost anything and can help to avoid customer’s items becoming damaged.

Building and Construction Companies

For building and construction companies, used storage containers are absolutely perfect, and that is why they have been used for years as both mobile offices and secure storage facilities at worksites. That’s not all that they are used for though, in fact there are several ways that used storage containers are commonly used on construction sites.

Firstly, they are used for storing equipment. This is because they are very difficult to break into, meaning that expensive equipment can be safely stored overnight. Since they can also be fitted with lighting, shelving and easy-access personnel doors, they make the ideal space to store materials. Construction companies tend to use storage containers to store materials used during construction such as windows, doors, anything breakable, or items too sensitive to leave outside. A rollup door can be installed to allow large pallets of items to be stored and retrieved quickly without the annoyance of opening and closing the cargo doors each time.

The other use in the construction industry is as a mobile office. By using storage containers, construction companies can add offices, meeting rooms, bathrooms and locker rooms instantly, and have the ability to move them from place to place without the need to take them down and re-assemble them.

Upcoming Businesses

Used storage containers has seen rapid growth in emerging businesses and start-ups. Thanks to their versatility, you can turn a storage container into virtually any structure that you can think of and indeed, many entrepreneurs have started to capitalize on this.

You can use storage containers to create anything from cafes and bars to pop-up shops. Storage containers have also been used by companies such as Samsung as mobile display showrooms and by Google as part of their initiative to use more recycled materials in their construction. Thanks to their low cost and the fact that you do not need to lock yourself into a rental contract, they are ideal for those who do not want to commit to long term building leases.

As you can see, there are many businesses out there which take advantage of the durability of storage containers. If you think that your business could benefit from using them, then look for a trusted supplier of storage containers for sale. They will have specialist advisers who will be able to answer any questions and suggest the right storage container for your needs. They may also be able to modify your storage container to suit your business needs.


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