Home building can be a very expensive project. The amount of work involved can be overwhelming as well. Thanks to revolutions in architecture and construction, simplifying the process and minimizing building cost are now possible. Quite a few innovative solutions have already been introduced and are now fully accepted by the builders’ community and regulatory boards all over the world. One of these is the use of shipping containers for building living spaces.

Also known as cargo containers or Conex boxes, shipping containers have all the features needed for building a home. It has sufficient space, prefabricated body, and a framework that can even support the weight of additional floor levels. Plus, it is very easy to work with and requires almost no curing before the structure can be safe for occupancy. Despite the easy work involved, there are still a few important considerations to make your home building project successful.

High-Quality Cargo Containers for Sale Used for Building a Modern Home

Choosing Containers

You need more than one shipping container to build a home with adequate living space. If you are on a budget, consider buying used cargo containers for sale. They are less expensive, but just as tough as their newer counterparts. There are a lot of units that have only sustained minimal wear and tear, which you can fix by simple cleanup and coating. However, you must make sure that they are watertight so that you don’t have to patch any holes when you’re starting to transform the containers into a home.

Site Preparation and Foundation Laying

Like any other building, a shipping container home requires a stable foundation made of concrete and reinforced steel bars. Once the foundation is laid, the container can now be mounted on this foundation. You need a crane to carry the container and putting it in place safely, but before mounting it on the foundation, you must sandblast the underside and spray at least one-inch thick closed cell polyurethane foam to insulate the base.

Modifying for More Levels

Adding a floor level is a good idea if you find the space inside the container insufficient for your living space needs. This is doable, except you should add columns and beams to support the supplementary weight. This would require minimal changes, unless you want a more modern interior look that comes with full floor replacement. Whatever specifications you may want included in the design, consult with your contactor and see which ones are possible and how long it will take to set them up.

To make sure that you will have the highest quality materials for your project, go to an established supplier like Equipment Management Services. Not only will they lead you to the most ideal shipping containers, but they can also guide you in the modification process. You can even have a better chance at finding quality used units, as they have large off-dock container storage and maintenance facilities in Houston and Dallas. Also, a sales office in Seattle.


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