Whether the shipping containers for sale in Houston are new or used, there are a lot of businesses and individuals interested in purchasing or renting them. For those living in Texas, particularly where some of the country’s top suppliers of shipping containers like Equipment Management Services operate, transporting these large metal containers isn’t a problem. However, those who are located further away from Houston might encounter a few logistical hurdles, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. At first glance the boxes look too large and difficult to move, but when you truly look into the process, it will no longer seem like an obstacle.

Transporting Shipping Containers for Sale from Houston to Other States

Distance Always Matters

The manner by which containers are moved depends on how far the destination is. Cranes and forklifts are a common sight during onsite moving, but when you need to take the containers on the road, trucks will do the job. There are special vehicles, larger than typical trucks, that can carry up to 20 storage containers at once. They can be rented from a separate provider or the supplier, itself, can deliver units to their customers using their own vehicles. Smaller trucks for short-distance delivery are available as well. This makes the shipping process more efficient.

Container Size Affects the Process and the Price

There is no standard shipping container size, making it hard to budget for transportation. A 20-foot container is the most common size available, but there are also 40-foot boxes and 10-foot containers. Since it is more difficult to ship a 40-foot container, it makes sense that it will also cost more. If you are shipping bigger metal containers, it is best to consult with the supplier about shipping options. There are some suppliers of shipping containers for sale in Houston that offer to ship the boxes out to customers as long as they cover the fees.

Sitting and Equipment Renting

When the shipping container is on its way to the desired destination, the work isn’t over yet. There are other tasks such as “sitting” or lifting the container off the truck and onto the site that need to be done. Sitting is the cheapest and easiest way to move the container. All you need is an accessible foundation and the truck or trailer can simply back up and “slide” the metal box in place. No hassle, no other equipment needed.

In most cases, however, you need to rent out a crane or a forklift to move the containers into position. This will cost extra, but this is a must for businesses that are transporting more than just one shipping container. A crane or forklift will make the job easier and safer for those involved.


Wherever you are located, whether in the Houston area or elsewhere in the country, shipping containers to arrive at your doorstep can be made much easier if you purchase them from a reputable supplier such as Equipment Management Services. It takes extra planning, coordination, and budgeting, but cargo containers can easily be shipped cross country with minimal logistical problems when the right supplier is selected.


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