In Texas, 19,177 people were homeless in 2014, according to the Annual Homeless Assessment Report of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and one of the reasons is lack of affordable housing. Many families and youth do not have their own homes because they lack the income to pay for mortgage or rent. Houses are particularly expensive in the urban areas, which makes city homelessness a chronic problem as well. As a result, some countries and states in the U.S. are finding ways of providing low-priced and easy-to-build home options including converting shipping containers into socialized housing programs. Here’s why you should build houses for rent that are made of used shipping containers for sale.

Used Shipping Containers for Sale Can Make Comfortable Homes for Rent

Accessible Materials

Thousands of used shipping containers for sale are in Texas because many shipping companies find it cheaper to buy new ones from factories than ship the containers back to their original locations. If you’re interested in building homes for rent, you can have access to many, especially from reputable companies. With accessible materials, it’s easy to build several units in a short time as they can usually be delivered within one to three days.

Quick to Build

With a shipping container, a basic house structure exists already, which increases the speed of construction. Each container has ready-made walls and roof, and you only need to fix the floor and add dividers, appliances, and other parts for a customized habitable space. Depending on the kinds and quantity of homes you want to be built, you can have new units for rent in a matter of weeks or months. Furthermore, since many people are looking for cheap homes to rent, you already have a market waiting for your container houses.

Low-Cost Construction

Used shipping containers are affordable due to the efficient production techniques as well as easy access to them. Since the structure is already in place, construction labor costs will be kept at a minimum. Moreover, a small space means lower construction cost per unit too due to fewer rooms to be built. Economical construction, in turn, allows you to charge low rents which will attract many possible renters.

Cheaper Maintenance

A smaller living space means lower maintenance costs. You have less space to heat or cool as well as clean which means significantly reduced energy and cleaning costs. Many small families and young people also have less time to keep a large home, so a smaller space is definitely attractive to them.

Used shipping containers can be turned into affordable homes for low-income individuals and families. Investing in these homes offers a vital respite for struggling households as well as allow you to have additional income while helping out your community. 

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