Previously, the only use people have for storage containers is for transporting goods from one country or state to another. Today, these metal boxes are already widely utilized for other applications, primarily as alternative base material for various kinds of structure. Regardless of your intended use for them, however, you still need to decide whether to buy brand new units or settle for used ones. Here are some tips that can help you make the right choice.

Storage Containers—Making the Right Choice between New and Used Units

For Temporary Use

Are you renovating your home and your contractor tells you that they have to move out all of your furniture? Are you moving soon but you can’t find a storage company that can safely keep your belongings while you’re looking for a buyer? In any similar situation, a shipping container can come in handy. And because your situation is only going to be temporary, probably for a month or two, purchasing a brand new unit isn’t a smart move. A brand new storage container may cost between $2000 and $3000, and this doesn’t include surcharges yet. So it must be a rule of thumb that when you’re only going to use storage containers temporarily, going for a used unit makes more financial sense.


For Permanent Use

The best example of a project that will make use of storage containers for sale permanently is construction of an occupiable structure. Whether it’s a home addition or a barn, the containers that you will use to construct it will be there for as long as you need it to be. Once the interior and exterior modifications begin, there’s no turning back if you then find a flaw in the container. Therefore, it may be always better to invest in brand new units. After all, structures that can be occupied by people need some level of structural integrity to keep the occupants safe, which can be better achieved by using brand new storage containers.


You Prefer Less Work

Everyone wants to make their lives easier. When it comes to choosing and using storage containers, brand new units are much easier and faster to work with than used ones. This is because they no longer need further inspection and restoration before being modified to your requirements. You don’t need to hire an expert to conduct a thorough inspection of the units and provide a professional opinion, which might end up not in your plan’s favor.


Less Expensive

Obviously, used storage containers are much less expensive. If you are doing your project on a budget, you can surely maximize your resources with used units. Don’t worry about the quality of the containers. They may have already had many trips at sea but most of them are still suitable for repurposing. Normally, suppliers categorize their supplies based on their quality so that buyers will find it easier to choose what suits their budget and needs. In this case, you can easily find a used container that is still in perfect shape for your project.



The pioneers of modular building construction originally intended to use cargo containers to create a housing solution that is both inexpensive and environment-friendly. Because they initially utilized used shipping containers, it helped significantly reduce the number of metal boxes ending up in landfills. If you’re planning to use cargo containers for the same purpose, then you should go for used units.

Your choice of the type of cargo container will determine the success of your project. Consult with an architect or engineer about the right materials to use before making a purchase to make sure that your results will be of superior quality. It’s very likely that they will recommend that you purchase your containers from a leading supplier in Houston, such as Equipment Management Services. They have the largest off-dock shipping container maintenance and storage facility in the Gulf region.



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