Shipping containers are a smart choice of base material for your construction project. Because they already have the frame and covering your building needs for stability, there’s no need to use concrete beams and columns. Plus, their material and structure are carefully picked and put together to endure the harsh weather conditions at sea. This means you can rely on them for your building’s tolerance against natural forces, such as strong winds, heavy rains, and even earthquakes.

Depending on the circumstances, though, you may need to choose between a brand new shipping container and a used one. Before you make your pick, try to weigh your options first by identifying the benefits and drawbacks they both share.

Find New or Used Shipping Containers in Texas for Your Next Project

Pros and Cons of New Shipping Containers

Normally, newly assembled shipping containers are free from harmful chemicals. You can expect that they haven’t been sprayed with any potent coating solution for better resistance to saltwater corrosion. You will also find no trace of toxic chemicals or foul smell because no cargo has been placed in them yet. Also, anyone would agree that new shipping containers are more durable than used ones since they haven’t been subjected to wear and tear.

The only apparent drawback of this option is that it’s pricier. A unit may cost between $2000 and $2500. If you’re on a budget or you only need to use the shipping containers temporarily, this is quite not a practical choice. You can save a lot if you will purchase used units instead.


Pros and Cons of Used Shipping Containers  

Used shipping containers, on the other hand, are a lot less expensive. Especially if you’re planning to use it only a few times or as a temporary storage facility, a used unit is a better choice. Furthermore, since there are more used shipping containers that are available for repurposing than new ones, you can have access to more varieties with this option.

Unfortunately, used shipping containers are no longer in their best state. If you inspect their surface, you will most likely find certain areas starting to harbor rust and dents. While they may cost less during purchase, revamping them can be quite expensive.

Understanding these pros and cons will help in your decision making. To make it easier to find a good quality new or used shipping container, it would be best to turn to a trusted supplier, one that has been in the business for many years and operates a large facility. One good example of a reputable supplier is Equipment Management Services. Having the largest off-dock shipping container storage and maintenance facilities in Houston, they can definitely deliver the products and services you need for your project.



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