Whether you are looking to build an on-site office for a project in a relatively isolated location or you are looking for a sustainable and green option, building an office space out of shipping containers is a great solution for many businesses. The best part is that shipping containers, both brand new and used, are readily available throughout the country. If you are interested in building a shipping container office, here are a few tips to help you make the most out of your investment:

Brand New Shipping Container Custom Office Delivered to Home

Ask to See “One-Trip Containers”

Many buyers often find it difficult to decide whether to buy new shipping container or a used shipping container. After all, new shipping containers are sturdier, but used shipping containers are more affordable. If you’re the type who wants to enjoy the best of both worlds, however, try looking for “one-trip” containers. As the name implies, one trip containers have only been used once. This assures you that the container is still in good conditions and the price tag won’t be very steep.

Go for a Container Made of Corten Steel

When shopping for the shipping container that you’ll use, go for containers that are made of Corten steel. This particular material is highly desirable for shipping container offices thanks to the fact that the material is engineered to resist corrosion and tough environments. Having a shipping container office made of Corten steel easily gives you the peace of mind knowing that your office is able to endure harsh weather conditions, helping you save on potential repair costs in the future. As such, be sure to ask a reputable vendor in Dallas, Houston, or Seattle, if they have a conex box made of Corten steel.

Consider HVAC and Plumbing Systems

Many respected vendors, such as Equipment Management Services, LLC, will often offer customization options to their clients. There are many customization options available, but the two most important ones you can opt for is preparing the shipping container for HVAC system and plumbing system installation. Don’t forget that conex boxes are made of metal, which can get very warm when used in warmer climates.

For the HVAC system, a window-type air conditioner is often good enough, but if you will be linking several shipping containers together, it may be better to opt for centralized air conditioning. As for the plumbing system, simply having a simple set up that allows for a single toilet and a sink is enough, especially if the office will only be occupied by a handful of people at any given moment.

Have Large Windows Installed

As with any office space, proper lighting is important in a shipping container office. With that in mind, you may also want to ask the shipping container modification team to add several large windows to the walls of the shipping container. This should allow enough natural light in during the day. Not only does this help your team see what they are doing, but the natural light also helps make the office space look more spacious and cheerful. It may not seem like much, but having beautiful windows and enough natural light in your office can work wonders on the morale and productivity of your employees.

Increase Storage Space

If you are only using one large shipping container, you may notice that storage space can be a bit lacking. This is a problem if you need to store a large amount of documents on-site at all times. Consider installing several shelves or overhead cabinets to maximize the available floor space instead of opting for space wasting solutions like filing cabinets. This should also leave you with enough room for office machines like photocopiers.


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