Buying used shipping containers for sale is exciting, especially when you’re going to build a new home out of them. However, it is quite normal to be apprehensive about certain things, such as how you are going to keep your container warm. You may be concerned about additional fire safety issues when heating them. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to safely keep your container rooms warm and comfy.

Used Shipping Containers for Sale Will be Warmer with Some Curtains

Think About Your Curtains

Blinds may make a room look more stylish, but when it comes to keeping your contained home warm warm, you need to think about using curtains. As soon as the sun rises, keep your curtains open the remainder of the day open to let the natural sunlight heat your home. This will not only add some natural warmth, but will also save you some money on fuel.

During the evenings, or when the weather is bad, keep your curtains closed if your contained home is equipped with an indoor heating arrangement. The curtains will help deter the escape of warm air through your windows so that you will remain warm inside your abode.

Soft Furnishings Are Important

Heat is absorbed by soft furnishings. Therefore, place as many of these furnishings as possible inside your contained home to maintain a warm living area. If you don’t have a carpeted floor, consider putting down a fluffy rug, along with pile-up pillows and blankets for a snug atmosphere. As well retaining warm air, these types of surfaces will feel warmer to the touch and feet, too.

Insulate Well

In the preparation stages of your shipping container modifications, make sure you insulate the property as well as possible. Discuss methods such as spray foam and blanket insulation with your supplier, who will share some ideas on what is best for your situation and needs.

Depending on your choice of insulation, you may need to build stud walls, adding a hint of a traditional home, but blending well with the balance of your contained home.

Try a Wood Burner

Some are prone to the misconception that you can’t install a wood burner in a shipping container home. However, wood burners are fine and can heat a home very quickly. Moreover, burning wood is much cheaper than turning on a heating system, especially if you choose to gather wood yourself from the surrounding area.

There are many things you can do to keep your shipping container home warm. Although it may seem to pose a challenge in regard to safety, shipping containers can be heated in many of the same ways as a traditional home. If you have any questions, always ask a reputable container supplier for information about heating modifications to ensure your safety.


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