Modular building is the new trend in architecture, and the use of shipping containers has taken this growing industry by storm. More and more contractors are turning to this modern approach, and for many good reasons. Apart from being an inexpensive option, it is also quicker to finish than the typical construction process. Also, shipping containers already have the basic features of most buildings, so using them for construction can save you a huge deal of time and money since you don’t have to build from the ground up.

If you’re planning to build an office, shipping containers are your best choice of base material. Since you can expect the project to finish faster, you can start your production much earlier. When building an office with a shipping container, however, there are several considerations that you have to make, each of which contributes to the stability and longevity of your structure. Here are four of the major aspects you have to factor in your design and building strategy.

Shipping Containers Are a Good Base Material for Building an Office


While it’s true that shipping containers already have the major parts a building needs, it cannot stand on its own. You have to mount it on a strong foundation to increase its endurance against strong winds and tremor. The foundation a shipping container requires is much like that of a typical building but not as deep since the structure doesn’t hold much weight compared to a concrete one. Well, the main reason it is much lighter is that it is made only of metal panels. However, these metal panels are strong enough to provide just as much protection against the elements as the multi-layer concrete wall or fiberboard.


Of course, to ensure that the interior of your office won’t be unbearably hot or cold, it has to be properly insulated. Keep in mind that the walls of a shipping container is made only of metal. And metal is a well-known conductor. It can easily transfer heat or cool into your office. You can, of course, install HVAC system, but you still need to install insulation to preserve your desired temperature.

Energy Efficiency

Shipping container offices usually have large, single-pane windows that span from ceiling to floor. This allows enough sunlight to enter your office during the day, consequently reducing the need to turn on the lights and furnace. You can even position your building with the windows facing east or west to allow more sunlight. This will help lessen a significant amount of energy every day.


At times when you need fresh air, there should be windows or doors that you can open right away to allow breeze in. You can design your office to have an outdoor space where your employees can stay during break. A backdoor would make a perfect addition to your commercial space. These are all in addition to your built-in HVAC system.

The best way to ensure that your shipping container office will last long is to use units that come from a reputable supplier, such as Equipment Management Services. Their units are certified high-quality. Whether you need brand-new or used shipping containers for your project, they can definitely deliver. You might want to prepare for a long walk on their vast off-dock storage and maintenance facilities in Houston.


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