The word “used” is primarily seen as negative by most people. This is mainly because it usually means old and worn out, but that isn’t always the case. There are certain things that are still of great value even after they have already passed a previous owner. One perfect example are the used shipping containers for sale we so often see stacked up at ports and maintenance facilities.

Throwing old shipping containers fills up a dumpsite quickly and that isn’t good for the environment. Why not help out in some way and recycle those used Conex boxes? Of course many will still prefer to purchase new, but here are great reasons why used metal containers in this case are better:

The Different Benefits of Recycling Used Shipping Containers for Sale

Uncompromised Durability

Before any of the used containers are put up for sale, they are thoroughly inspected to see if they still meet the industry standards. When inspectors find that there are signs of damage, they are immediately repaired to ensure they remain durable for years to come.

Looks Brand New

Most used shipping containers will look brand new after repairs are made and they are given a fresh coat of paint. There are even some companies that offer clients the choice of customizing the boxes to their personal specifications. This is a service that is rare when it comes to buying new shipping containers.

More Affordable

Since they have seen their fair share of wearing and tearing, used containers are usually much cheaper than new ones. This allows business owners to save extra money that they can put towards other areas of their business. Just because they are used and cheaper doesn’t mean their quality isn’t favorable.

Better For the Environment

As mentioned before, old storage containers thrown away only take up space inside a landfill which is bad for the health of the environment. Now, if more and more people opt to recycle these boxes in the future, then less of them will end up being thrown away. Doing your part to clean up the environment will also save you money. How can you say no to that?


Don’t dismiss used shipping containers just because they look rundown at first glance. As long as the interiors hold up to the challenge, there’s nothing wrong with recycling. Plus, with a few minor repairs and a fresh coat of paint, they will look just as new as the more expensive option. Check out old shipping containers for sale at your nearest seller to see these used, but still very functional boxes look like in person. A trusted supplier such as Equipment Management Services, that maintains shipping container storage facilities in Houston, Dallas, and Seattle, is a great place to start your search.


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