More and more people are starting to customize shipping containers to create various kinds of facility. These high-grade storage units, mostly made of industrial steel, are portable and highly adaptable, which is why they are attracting curious, innovative consumers. The last decade has seen fast growth in the number of residential and commercial facilities made with shipping containers. If you are interested in customizing one for your project, here are some of the things that you should know.

Custom Shipping Containers Offer Many Benefits to Various Industries

Top Industries Using Custom Shipping Containers

Agriculture. Farm owners use custom shipping containers to store produce and supplies since they offer a much secure and weathertight space. Their ability to withstand the elements makes them a better alternative to standard wooden barns. They can also be readily trucked to transport produce, and because they are fully sealed, refrigerators can be installed to preserve perishable goods during long distance trips.

Health Care. Shipping containers can be modified into storage rooms for medical records and other sensitive documents in hospitals. Expensive equipment and apparatuses can be stored here, too. The can also be turned into mobile clinics, which can prove useful in catering to remote communities that have no immediate access to proper health care. With the clinic and laboratory already assembled in the container, medical services can be provided anywhere within a few days of deployment.

Construction. Temporary shelters, offices, and storage facilities are among the must-haves in any large construction project. Thanks to custom shipping containers, contractors can now do away with semi-concrete structures that take longer to build and dismantle. This option even saves them a great deal of money because custom shipping containers are reusable and easily movable.

Other Innovative Applications. There are many other facilities shipping containers can be transformed into. For instance, homeowners can use them to add a new room, extend their garage, or install a pool. They can even use them to build a greenhouse or switchroom. There’s virtually nothing shipping containers can be customized into.

Modifications and Additions

To make shipping containers functional, they only need to be refurbished with amenities. These include electrical outlets, HVAC system, insulation, interior finishes, man doors, and lighting. Pass-through windows, plumbing installation, restrooms, and shelves can be added as well.

Advantages of Using Custom Shipping Containers

Using shipping containers to meet your industrial or residential needs can prove beneficial compared to using other traditional means. Here are some of the most apparent benefits you can enjoy from these boxes.

Shipping container homes are eco-friendly. Recycling storage containers to build houses and offices helps to keep the environment clean. Installation of renewable energy solar panels on top of the container homes ensures no external power is required.

Custom shipping containers offer great convenience since you can cut, remodel and have items added to make them a conducive living space. The time taken to turn a shipping container is also considerably less compared to traditional homes.

They are flexible. Because shipping containers are made of durable steel, they are easy to stack to create a bigger space. Their internal walls easily removed, allowing for easy connection of multiple containers. Their flexibility also allows easy transportation of your property when should you decide to relocate.

These shipping containers are waterproof and offer far more security compared to wood structures and trailers. The doors can be equipped with steel locking arms and sealed with heavy-duty rubber gaskets. As such, you can prevent rodents and termites from infesting your abode.

Both brand new and used shipping containers can be customization to meet certain specifications. If you want high-quality output, you should invest in brand new units, although customized used shipping containers can still perform well. To find the best units, turn to reputable suppliers like Equipment Management Services, which operate vast off-dock shipping container storage and maintenance facilities in Houston, Dallas, and Seattle.


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