Used shipping containers aren’t really known for their luxurious or avantgarde design. Generally speaking, such metal structures are pretty straightforward in both style and appearance. Having said that, just because they look rigid doesn’t mean there’s no way they can ever complement your home. All it takes is a little imagination and some creativity. To ensure your shipping container rental or purchase blends well with your existing home, here’s what you need to do.

Start with the Roof

If you have a pitched roof, your shipping container’s topmost feature is easily the most noticeable departure from your home. Its flat surface will likely be very conspicuous, so the first way to tie in your metal addition with the rest of your home is to add a roof that is exactly the same or at least looks similar to your existing roof lines so it won’t appear as an obvious add-on. Aside from the roof lines, other roof elements you should look at include pitch, depth of the eaves, soffit style, and end wall overhang.

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Choose Similar Exterior Materials

Your metal shed’s walls are another thing that can help you achieve a seamless look. For best results, use the same exterior material on your home for your shipping container addition. This is easier said than done, though, depending on the type of exterior material you use on your home, along with its age and degree of degradation. If your home and metal garage walls are impossible to match, you can always find a different exterior option that complements your siding material. Don’t hesitate to get the advice of a design professional.

Match Prominent Features

Have your metal building carry the same architectural elements as your home to ensure visual continuity. For example, if your home uses decorative siding or molding, integrate these into your container’s design as well. You want your metal building to have windows? Make sure these are in the same style as what’s installed on your house. Use the same light fixtures as well. Have your metal garage door in the same color as your entry door, and in the same design, if possible.

Make Sure the Interior Features Blend as Well

It’s easy to focus more on your metal building’s exterior design, but if you’re the meticulous type,  you may want your container’s interior to blend with the rest of your home as well. After insulating your metal garage walls, cover them in linear panels and color these in the same shade or palette that you use in your home.

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