Metal shipping containers are a highly affordable and effective storage solution, particularly for those who are looking to use them to build a storage room for their vehicles. This option can definitely provide your vehicles with much needed protection from the harsh winter cold.

Since these containers are made of metal, however, they can do little for your vehicle’s overall comfort in their raw form. Their walls can easily absorb cold and transfer it into the interior space. One way to keep the temperatures in your metal structure at manageable levels this winter is to insulate it.

How to Insulate a Carport Made of Shipping Containers for the Winter

The fall season is typically the best time to complete this metal container improvement project, but it can be done all year round. Depending on the size of your carport and the level of insulation you want to achieve, you can finish the installation within an hour if you have all the materials ready and everything planned out.

To start with, you’ll need to place weatherstripping around the metal doors to create an airtight seal. This prevents the cold exterior air from entering your metal garage and making the interior uncomfortably cold this coming winter.

Some of the materials you can use to insulate your metal shipping container include:

  • Fiberglass insulation – as one of the least expensive insulation options, fiberglass offers a cost-effective solution for your container’s insulation needs.
  • Batt and blanket insulation – another inexpensive type of insulation, batt and blanket requires more skill and expertise to install than fiberglass.
  • Spray foam insulation – the easiest way to insulate a metal barn, as all you need to do is spray the foam material onto your metal surfaces.

If your metal garage has been around for years, the weatherstripping may be a little worse for wear. Replace old weatherstripping with a fresh batch to ensure that you keep cold air out of your metal structure. If you can see gaps between the garage door and the metal frame, there are easy-to-install insulation products that you can use to fill the gaps.

Granted, depending on the age, quality and stresses that your metal garage may have endured, it may already be at the end of its lifespan, and no amount of insulation will help it maintain its interior temperature. If this is the case, you may want to look into replacing your metal shed, carport, or barn altogether. Check out the shipping container offerings at Equipment Management Services to find a suitable replacement for your old metal carport and keep your vehicle adequately protected this winter.


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