Shipping containers immediately took the world by storm after builders and artisans discovered their hidden versatility as a base material for various projects. With size and shape just right to make an average size room and a framework as stable as steel-reinforced concrete, they make a perfect alternative to traditional building materials.

Here are some innovative shipping container modifications that you can look at should you decide to purchase these metal boxes for your building project.

Fun and Creative Ideas for Your Own Shipping Container Modifications

Garage Band Room

Would you like to have your own music room where you can accommodate your band practice and recordings? If you’re really serious about pursuing your passion for music and would like to invest in it so you can just focus on creating music as you please, a shipping container just might give you the space you need. Insulation, soundproofing, and equipment set up is all you need to have your very own musical paradise in your backyard.

Kiddie Playhouse

Kids are a rambunctious lot. They’re always up for an adventure, always looking for something new to try. Some days though, it can’t be helped that they stay cooped inside the house. Bad weather can easily spoil the day and cancel playtime at the park or playground. This shouldn’t have to be a problem if you have your own playhouse at home, and a shipping container can be just what you need to build one. A shipping container has enough space to allow you to easily assemble their playpen with all their toys. You can even add an indoor trampoline.

Workroom Garage

Another modification you can make with a shipping container is to turn it into your own workroom. Much like the play house for the kids, this will be your very own, personal space, where you can tinker and work on your garage and other DIY projects in utter peace and privacy. Now your house garage can exactly be that—a place where you park your cars. No more wrestling for space for your work tools, no more risk of getting them run over or damaging the cars.

Swimming Pool

You read that right. Shipping containers can now be modified into a swimming pool. It’s up to you if you’ll prefer it in-ground, but the most common setup for it is above ground. A 20ft container should have adequate length and width to integrate in your property. The modification will mostly be done on the height, so as to make the pool depth more viable for your preferences.

Especially if you have children, you’d want that pool floor safe enough for them to wade in. Other additions like pool ladder and stairs should also make it convenient for young swimmers. The pool container is just one element of having a successful swimming pool, however. There are other elements to consider such as water supply, filtration, and general maintenance.

These are just some of the more personal modifications you can do with a shipping container. All these ideas are great, but you should keep in mind that it will only be a success if you use the right materials for it. That’s why it’s important that you get your materials from reputable suppliers like Equipment Management Services.



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