Living in tiny homes has been all the rage for the past couple of years now, especially as more people have become more conscious of decreasing their carbon footprint. Apart from taking up smaller land space, people have been seriously looking into the use of container vans for homes.

This is hardly a novel idea, but it is one that is having a resurgence in popularity, and boost in creativity, especially as people are finding more uses for it. From residential spaces to offices, mobile shops and even fully-functioning gardens, more folks are becoming interested in repurposing custom shipping containers.

Here are some helpful tips to help you make the most out of your shipping containers in case you’re thinking of turning it into your “new” home.

Tips on Using Custom Shipping Containers for Your New Container Home

Plan the Space Wisely

This actually should not have to be said, but most people tend to take the designing task in their hands, totally neglecting the fact that they need a professional to help them out. By planning the space “wisely,” therefore, this simply means leaving it in the able hands of those who do know how to work with this material.

Because you have such a limited amount of space to work with, you have to be as efficient about its use as possible. Determine if you’ll be using just one unit (is it a 20 or 40-footer), or if you’ll be adding more sections to it. Have a clear picture of the layout of the container home that you’ll be getting designed so you can ensure an ergonomic flow of the interior.

Use Quality Materials

The container van is going to function as your home. As such, expect certain adjustments to be made to it structurally in order to meet building standards. Your safety should still be your top priority, over and beyond the need for an interesting or eye-catching aesthetic. That said, don’t scrimp up on the materials that will help you achieve a formidable structure worthy of being lived in.

Use Eco-Friendly Designs

Since you’re already on your way to lessening your carbon footprint by using shipping containers for your home’s structure, might as well continue on with using environment-friendly materials. Solar panels, water-saving facilities, and other sorts of technology and infrastructure that can help you mitigate your impact on the environment are great ideas to look into.

Before you get into all of that, however, the very first thing you need to do is get good quality materials. Suppliers for shipping containers such as should be a good place to start looking first. 

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