You’ve seen those huge, rectangular metal boxes traveling up and down the road delivering various goods and items around the country. They are also indispensable in transportation of cargo for the marine industry. However, their value is not only limited to transportation. There are many accepted alternative uses for shipping containers for sale.

Whether you buy it brand new or used, the versatility of shipping containers can surprise you in more ways than one.

Four Fresh Applications for Modified Shipping Containers for Sale

Modular Housing

Shipping containers is the perceived solution for the emerging housing problems the country in the face of the current weak economy. A modified shipping container is compact, easy to construct and set up, relocate, and far more affordable than your typical house in the suburbs. Its simple shape makes it perfect for a small family and can give you an option to expand by stacking them up (like a blocks of Lego) to create a bigger living space.

Commercial space

Whether it is a restaurant, store, or your typical office space, a shipping container can be modified and designed to fit your specific business. A 40-foot container is more than enough to make at least 10 employees comfortable working inside.

The use of shipping containers as commercial space has been a growing popular trend nowadays since it gives the business a sense of originality and creativity which entices consumers to visit and buy the products they offer.

Public Structures

In places where space constraints and budget are problems, shipping containers are used to build schools, emergency hospitals, disaster shelters, portable toilets, and student housing facilities. The practice is common especially in developing countries and but has also made its way to some places in America. The use of shipping containers, especially to build emergency hospitals, is an excellent demonstration of contemporary and innovative architecture and engineering.


You would understand the hype if you take a glance at Hong Kong’s The Hive Inn. This Jenga-like, modern structure is more than unique – it is a highly sustainable building that aims to maximize the novelty of modified shipping containers.

Just like the game Jenga, the designers proposed that the containers can be inserted, removed, or rearranged depending on the circumstances. The unique design also makes it easy for the hotel to attract advertisers to design individual shipping containers with product brands (because who can take their eyes off this wonderful structure).

If this venture proves successful, then you may see a lot of other hotels around the world follow suit.

There are still several fun and awesome applications where you can use shipping containers as the primary building material. Since they are affordable, durable, widely available, and sustainable, it shouldn’t be a surprise if the trend of using shipping containers as primary structural elements continue to grow with each passing year.

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