Outside of renting a storage unit a few hours away, most homeowners have very limited options for keeping possessions or equipment they don’t use daily. Sure, there’s the wood frame shed you have in your backyard, but that hardly provides enough space for what you might want to store. What’s more, wooden sheds are not the most secure structures in the average home, with 95 percent of all reported shed thefts and fires escalating from them.

If you need something that offers more security and reliability, consider swapping out your old garden shed for a shipping container. Cargo containers for sale are the ideal storage solution for the following reasons.

Convert Cargo Containers for Sale into Your Personal Storage Units


Unlike wood frame buildings, the steel structure of containers are practically immune to theft and the unfortunate chance of fire. Manufacturers use heavy duty metal in their construction so they hold up against wear and tear, and even extreme weather.


You’ll have no trouble fitting everything you want to put away inside a shipping container. Even the standard 20-foot unit has more square footage than your average storage shed. So, even if you stick a ride-on mower, a snow blower and heavy duty landscaping equipment in there, you’ll have plenty of space left for other machinery or tools.


The biggest advantage of using a cargo container as a shed is that it doesn’t need to be put together, unlike a wooden shed. When you buy a new or used container, you only need minimal modifications before it’s ready. Building a shed from scratch could set you back somewhere between $4,000 and $6,000, whereas a brand new container can just cost a little over $3,000.


Of course, there are some who would prefer to personalize their storage space by adding windows, doors, lighting, flooring, plumbing and more. You can easily do that with help from a supplier that offers modification services. You won’t have to hire a third-party company to take on that sort of job.


It might be hard to believe that shipping containers are more eco-friendly than a traditional shed, but it’s true. Majority of the shipping containers on the market today are either recycled or made through sustainable means. Buying second hand is even more beneficial to the environment.

Having a shipping container shed right in the backyard is definitely more convenient than paying for some offsite storage unit. Companies like Equipment Management Services, which have huge off-dock shipping container maintenance and storage facilities in Houston, Dallas, and Seattle, can help you repurpose a cargo container.



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