The function of a Conex box continues to evolve as entrepreneurs keep finding creative uses for it. Lately, for example, Conex boxes have been repurposed into urban farms. Hydroponics is the most common method used in these urban farms. Everyone is doing it. This includes Elon Musk’s brother, Kimbal Musk, who launched a shipping container farm initiative in Brooklyn.

Do you want to create a revolutionary hydroponics garden on your own? Here is all that you need to get started.


You may not be looking into real estate opportunities, but if you are starting an urban farm in a Conex box you still need space to set it on. Your portable farm can be located virtually anywhere: behind your house, at a parking lot, or at a warehouse lot. The most important thing is to look up the building codes in your area to find out what you can and cannot do. You don’t want to discover too late that your area does not allow structures made from shipping containers.

Trying Your Hand at Urban Farming by Utilizing a Conex Box for Sale

Get Started with Your Hydroponics Farm

Hydroponics is popular because it’s not as expensive to start as a conventional garden. This system saves up to 70% in water usage than soil-based farms, which makes it more environmentally friendly. Moreover, because hydroponics are grown indoors, insects and diseases are less likely to attack the plants.

Before buying any supplies, you must disinfect the entire Conex box to eliminate any scent or chemicals that may affect both plant growth people’s health. After doing so, you need to think about the equipment required for seeding and growing. Typically, a hydroponic farm uses LED lights with several color spectrums to replace the function of sunlight. You will also need a water pump, a reservoir, and a medium for your plant to grow.

Many beginners in hydroponics start with lettuce and then graduate to trickier plants, such as tomatoes.

Selling the Crops

If you are starting a farm the size of a Conex box, chances are you are looking to distribute the produce. Hydroponically-grown veggies tend to be on the upper price scale compared to regular soil-based crops as they are known to be more nutritious and free of pesticides. Start small by selling through farmers’ markets and becoming a supplier for local restaurants.

Using a Conex box for urban farming is an inspired, modern idea that may just be extremely fruitful. Looking for a Conex box for sale? Choose a reputable company such as Equipment Management Services to find the perfect container for you!


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