With so many used shipping containers on the docks, it’s sometimes much better to simply choose used shipping containers for sale instead of purchasing a brand new one. Not only is it going to be a whole lot cheaper, but it’s also more environment-friendly. As with anything pre-owned, however, there are much more factors to consider before deciding to buy.

Here are some guidelines that could come in handy for you in the event that you’d like to invest in used shipping containers for your own construction project.

Check History

The kind of shipping container you will get will essentially be determined by your conceptual idea, or the project that you would like to achieve. When you go to your supplier and shop for used shipping containers, make sure to ask about its usage history. But be aware, that it’s not entirely practical for suppliers to provide an exact history of the past shipments.

You can ask about the approximate age of the container; this will indicate how much wear and tear it’s been exposed to. Also, you might enquire about the containers maintenance and repair history, if it is available, the supplier will provide it to you. With this information, you will have a better understanding of the potential problems that maybe encountered when working with these containers.

Another point is to check what goods were delivered with the container in the past. This is because the previous contents could pose future health hazard. However, this kind of detailed information may not be available in most cases. Depending on what kind of goods they were, the odor can hang in the air for several weeks until it is thoroughly aired out. This could set you back a good deal in your project timetable, so it would be better to just skip containers that have odd funky smells altogether.


Whatever your purposes may be for getting a used shipping container, your top priority should always be the safety of its use. That’s why it’s most important that you conduct a thorough inspection first with a certified inspector before committing to buying anything. There could be slight signs of wear and tear that, while still haven’t done any outwardly damage to the unit, may lead to bigger problems and bigger costs for you later on.

The thorough inspection allows you to prevent these issues from happening, and will also give you an idea of how much maintenance the unit will actually require. In the event, that you do find certain areas of concern, then at least you can determine right then and there if this is something you would prefer to not deal with—in which case you can move on to another unit—or if it’s something you consider to be just minor. Either way, it’s an opportunity for you to address the issue at the soonest possible instance.

Among the more common issues that appear on used shipping containers are rust and corrosion, scratches and dents, holes in the body, and even stains and odor inside.

Trusted Suppliers

You will find that there are many available used shipping containers for sale readily available on the market, but it’s advisable that you stick to trusted suppliers. With a Texas based container company like Equipment Management Services, you can rest assured that you will be given quality units to choose from. More than that, you can rely on them to give you a fair price and an easy buying experience. If you’re in search of used shipping containers in Houston, Dallas, or Seattle, you can turn to companies like Equipment Management Services for quality options and reliable service.


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