Go green, go small, and go cheap – these are three top reasons why shipping containers are becoming the new rave in housing projects. A rising number of people are interested in living in homes from shipping containers. This is because they’re more affordable than similarly-sized homes. It’s also an ecologically-friendly move, especially since there are thousands of shipping containers lying unused.

Nevertheless, they are stumped on how to begin modifications and how to adapt to living in tinier homes. Here are some great construction ideas from all over the world to get you excited in building a house made of shipping containers.

Families Can Turn Shipping Containers Into Low-Cost Two-Story Homes

Turn the Remaining Space into an Urban Garden

With a shipping container, you have a small, livable house and more space outside. As a result, you can turn the outer space into an urban garden and add bathing platforms like the one done in Copenhagen, Denmark. You can raise vegetables in this garden, which makes the house extra sustainable. Additionally, if you’re near a lake or river, you have extra external space to store your kayaks and jet skis, too.

Modular, Mobile Housing

In Ecuador, an architecture couple used several 20-foot and one 40-foot containers to create a large, modular home. The modules can be easily disassembled and transported if they want a change of scenery. Imagine a new “eco-efficient” mobile housing which is composed of shipping containers and ready to travel all over the country.

Expand to a Two-Story Home

A house in Pont-Péan, France used three shipping containers to construct a large two-story complex. In it, you can have three bedrooms, a living room, two bathrooms, and a kitchen. Who said shipping containers have to be cramped?

Sustainable and Green

A number of shipping containers have been transformed into green housing units in Flagstaff, Arizona. On top are solar power panels, while pipes harvest and store rainwater for bathing, watering, and cleaning purposes. Dual-pane aluminum windows also offer enough natural sunlight to cut energy costs. Furthermore, if you’re in a great location overlooking cities or nature, turn one of the container sides into a glass panel and you can have an astonishing view.

All over the world, people are choosing shipping containers over traditional types because they are cheaper to build, fire-proof, and can incorporate sustainable technologies. In addition, it is a form of upcycling that reuses shipping containers and turns them into livable, ecological habitats. With these great ideas, you can start thinking about your own customized home-made of sturdy shipping containers.

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