Nowadays, it is not rare to see either a residential or a commercial area that is primarily built from cargo containers. Contemporary architecture and modern engineering had made modifying and living in, what used to be a simple vessel for transporting cargo, possible.

Its affordability, durability and wide availability holds a certain appeal especially for those looking to build sustainable and eco-friendly homes. This is also why it is not surprising that cargo containers for sale are becoming popular building materials.

Cargo Containers for Sale Is a Popular Trend in Architecture Today

The Upsurge of Cargo Containers in Contemporary Architecture

You can see cargo containers almost everywhere. The fact that the estimated number of shipping containers in the world at any given moment is 17 million is proof enough that there are too many of these rectangular metal boxes traveling around the globe. What’s more fascinating is that these numbers only pertains to those that are still in used – the exact number of used or retired cargo containers are also unknown.

With too many used cargo containers lying in wait at US ports, shipping companies can afford to sell these containers at relatively low price. These factors, along with cargo container’s durability and simple box design, make it ideal for architectural purposes.

And why not? Without much effort, these metal boxes more than meet safety building codes because of the inherent strength of steel and aluminum. This means that any structure made of cargo containers are much stronger, able to withstand devastation brought by excessive rains, flood, hurricane, hail, and are even fire-resistant. Given this structural advantage, contemporary architects, designers, and engineers opt to use cargo containers in their respective projects more than they used to.

Not Just for Delivering Goods Anymore

Within the next five years, it is forecasted that the growth rate for these sustainable buildings would increase up to 20% in the US alone. A used cargo container is estimated to give a 50% savings over new containers. When utilized in a structural project, a projected 10% savings is expected over those that use conventional building materials.

The only concern for using cargo containers as an emerging fixture in modern architecture is the existing city and county restrictions your area has for cargo containers. There is also a need to apply for the necessary permits before setting up a modified cargo container in your allotted space. Even with these, the popularity of cargo containers as contemporary home and work space are sure to increase in the upcoming years.

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